Thursday, April 3, 2008

You know your life has gotten boring when...

...You can't find a single thing to blog about in an entire week.

Nope, there hasn't even been any more creative Will cooking disasters to report.

The most exciting thing that I can report is that I just discovered Ben & Jerry's Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream and I think I'm in love. I'm eating one of those miniature $1 sized ones right now. I'm wishing I would have bought the big pint. But....then again....its probably a good thing I didn't.

Will and I both spoke in Sacrament Meeting last Sunday. Yep.

Ummmm....the baby has been busily kicking my ribs all week long.

And Will is currently over at the church building playing church basketball.

Yes, we live EXCITING lives. We'll probably even go to bed around 9:30pm tonight. Wooo! :p


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I can't wait for you baby shower, I wish I could be there but I won't be able to make it. I was also going to send you your baby shower gift early so you could open it their, but I couldn't find the right thing, so I'm still on the baby shower present hunt and I'll send it when I get the perfect thing.
have you decided when you will probably bless Preston?

Kate said...

I love it. You know the people with blogs that act like they're doing something fascinating and blog-worthy every day are LYING. Way to be real. ;) It makes me feel better!

Will Thomas said...

Just for the record, we ended up going to bed around midnight. Jenni ended up coming to hang out at the church while I played basketball. I ended up pulling a muscle in my gluteous maximus and I didn't discover the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream until it was gone.

Lot's of interesting stuff going on. LOL

The Thomas Family said...

Your life sounds like our life. Except Luke wishes he was back to playing church basketball.

The strawberry cheescake icecream thing is so funny. I got addicted to that my last pregnancy. SOOOO yummy!

Sandy said...

You two crack me up!! And, I think 9:30 is late. Says a lot about me, uh?

Anonymous said...

How sad my weekend visit does not even merit a blurp...anything like, "I had my very good friend Noelle come visit this weekend. She was gorgeous as usual, absoultely flawless and is a marvelous navigator. May I say she simply took like a duck to water when driving around town. It was pure joy to have her. I still can't get over how incredibly smart she is, too. Alas, there is simply not enough room on my blog to write all of her many virtues. How fortunate I am to have her for a friend."

Or something along those lines...:) I suppose if you did write all of that you'd be struck dead from lying so much! LOL I will be posting all about my weekend shortly and I will be sure to mention YOU! hehehe :) Love ya N
PS Did you like my new layout for my blog? I love the pics and have already gotten several compliments, so thank you again!

The Paulks said...

All my week consisted of was being sick, so don't feel too bad! Bed at 9:30 definitely sounds nice too... :)