Friday, April 18, 2008

Chef Will at it again

As Laura would say, "In an effort to move that fat picture way down the page"... I'm blogging again. I really don't like my 8 month prego pic, and besides this blog is WAY better than prego pics...

No pictures this time, but Chef Will was up to no good in the kitchen again last night. After almost smoking the place out by burning (or as he said "sauteing") an onion, his Grilled Cheese Sandwich ended up something like this:

Will's Super Special Grilled Cheese Sandwich

2 slices of bread
1 grilled slice of onion
lots of sliced cheddar cheese
turkey meat
Johnny's Seasoning Salt

Grill above together on sandwich, then add:

Alfredo sauce - on the inside of sandwich AND on the outside (he said he wanted crusty alfredo sauce on the outside of the bread and juicy alfredo on the inside)

Grill sandwich again. Pour more Johnny's Seasoning all over everything.



Anonymous said...

disgusting-bar him from the kitchen Jenni-it is your only hope! :) hahaha Love ya-N

Chelle said...

It didn't sound too bad... until the Alfredo.

I think Will is awesome for trying to help out! Perhaps you could just focus his energy and desire to help out in another direction?

If not, cooking classes at Sur La Table are fabulous!

Will Thomas said...

It was almost perfection on the first attempt. All the salt was to help my body replace all the salt through sweating when I jog. I have to admit, it was a tad bit too salty.

The alfredo sauce was excellent on the outside, but putting it on the inside as well defeated my purpose of obtaining a crispy piece of bread. It ended up sogging up the bread, so I had to eat it with a fork instead of dipping into my tomato soup.

I have to admit it was my first time sauteing an onion and no smoke alarms went off. I was trying to cook it to make it less potent so I could still get kisses later in the evening. umm, no such luck, a cooked onion is just as bad a fresh one on the breath.

Oh well, next time it will be perfecto!

Emily said...

I am sorry Will, but the alfredo makes the whole thing sound sick! I would say leave the cooking to your beautiful wife, or hire a professional so Jenni can have the day off!

Jenni Thomas said...

Yeah, babe, it was a nice attempt. It even smelled kinda good until the afredo sauce idea. I took a bite but there was way way WAY too much seasoning salt. Ack! I still love you though. Can't you just cook something normal though? LOL

Jenny said...

I have to commend will for his effort, The alfredo sauce actually sounds good, it would complement the sandwich. See you guys tomorrow.

Steve & Ileana said...

That sounds awesome! I love Johnny's. I look forward to seeing the bestselling "Will's Greatest Hits" in the cookbook aisle later on this year.

Kaylene said...

Guys really do have pregnancy symptoms too. Many guys gain weight right along with Mom, Will just has weird cravings, LOL! I'm sure this thought was already covered in the "salad" comments, but I never got a chance to read those, LOL!

Sandy said...

Each cooking episode amazes me. Such creativity and free Will. No pun intended.

The Thomas Family said...

That is one serious grilled cheese sandwich. I also am impressed with Will's effort. I think it takes one creative imagination to come up with that combo.
By the way Jenni I loved seeing your last pregnant picture. You look gorgeous!

Daniel said...

For some VERY odd reason that actually sounds pretty good right now. Off course I'd pick waffles over the sandwich. How about grilling the sandwich in the waffle iron?

Brian & Veronica said...

Wow, he sounds like the pregnant one to me. I've never heard of something like that. It sounded good up until the sauce and seasoning...maybe it really is divine. At least he enjoys it. Do you? :) At least he's creative, that always makes for a great chef.