Thursday, April 24, 2008

Nightly Prayers

Last night after we got done watching the "Shallow Seas" segment of Discovery's Planet Earth series, we were settling down to say our nightly prayers. Will was covering my arm from wrist to shoulder in tiny little kisses.

Me: "Haha...that tickles...and I'm trying to pray here."

Will: "Its like I'm one of those little fish that cleans the big whale."

Me: "Wait...what did you say?"

*Long pause and scared look on Will's face*

Will: "NOTHING. Ummmm nothing....I totally didn't mean...."

Me: "Something about a whale?.."

After stumbling and laughing and trying to take it back, Will felt completely helplessly stupid as he realized he just called his pregnant wife a whale. :) Hahahahahhaaaaa.


Will Thomas said...

It was that, or restating that fact that the momma whale produces 125 gallons of milk for her new baby calf everyday.

I stuck with the little sucker fishes cleaning those hard to reach places.

Jenni Thomas said...

I thought it was funny LOL. And it's okay cuz I AM a whale right now. ;)

Kate said...

Oh my. I'm still laughing. You have to feel sorry for our husbands when that long pause moment comes and they get that "deer in the headlights" look in their eyes.

Andy and Brandie said...

We are all whales when we are pregers. But before you know it it will be over.

Steve & Ileana said...

Way to go Will. I couldn't stop cracking up when I read that. I'm glad that you have a wife that can laugh at the fact that you called her a whale.

- Stephen

Jenni said...

That was a good one Will! It stinks to be a whale... coming from a two-timer of the big black creature! But at least you have someone to clean those hard to reach places.. too funny!

Jenni- As for the pictures, sorry I just remembered you asking me before! I actually use black fleece back drops, and %100 natural light. I don't like using flash equipment that is always my last resort. Natural light is alot more flattering. The natural light bounces off fleece really well. And just a little Photoshopping is done, to adjust contrast/exposure. Does that answer it/make sense?? I love newborns sessions.. they are my absolute fav!

Sandy said...

I'm still laughing!! He must of gotten it from his dad who, after delivering Alisha, looked at me and said, "Well, that was just like helping the cows." (We had a dairy and he thought he'd had lots of experience.) Men are so cute!!

Dan Thomas said...

Sometimes it is best not so say anything and just smile a lot.

Dad Thomas

ld@davfam said...

It's so good to laugh about these things and thanks to blogging you can laugh about it for years to come. Too funny!