Thursday, June 26, 2008


A friend of mine asked me today to post pictures of both Will and I as babies to compare who Preston resembles. You be the judge...

(Click to enlarge)

1st row Left: Jenni (in pink blanket) with brother Mike

Right: Jenni's Dad, Mike, and Jenni

2nd row left: Even though it says Seth, it is actually Will.

Right: Will

Bottom row: This is actually Mike (Jenni's brother) with Grandma Lindsay. I just thought Preston resembled him a lot in this picture.

It was hard to find any "newborn" pictures of Will and I, so it is kind of hard to judge since Preston is only 2 weeks old right now. Anyway I just this would be fun to see though!


Heather said...

Hmmm - After seeing the pictures I will have to agree with you. Preston does look like you and your brother. That is so weird because I can also see Will in his face when I see him in person. I guess he looks like both of you :) He is one of the most adorable newborns ever!!! and usually newborns aren't cute :)

Dan Thomas said...

If will would get out of the barn sink you might get a better look at him.

Sandy said...

I think he has a likeness to both of you and yet he's distinctly himself. And that's a good combination.

The High Family said...

I think he is a great combination of the both of you. My son Ryan is a mix of both Chris and I- it's funny because he is 2.5 years old now and I still have people say, "Oh he looks like you or Wow, he really looks like his Daddy."

It's cute. Now that he is older, I think he looks like his Daddy but with my hair and skin color. Now Kara- at 2 weeks old, we have no clue who she looks like!! Time will tell...

Hope you are doing well!!