Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Day Being Pregnant - The Final Update

Hey Everyone. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers this past week.

Will and I have been enjoying a lot of "Lasts" together over the past 3 weeks. We have had 3 "last" dates together, enjoyed our "last" Friday night together 3 different times. Taken our "last" car ride alone together several times. Gone grocery shopping for the "last" time twice now. And had our "last" supper at a restaurant without baby 3 different times.

Thankfully, today I really did have my "last" doctor appointment though. Here is the update:

Yesterday I had another Non-Stress Test on Preston and he performed very well. So that was good. This morning I had a doctor appointment (I am now 3 days overdue). Upon examining me, my doctor found that I am still not dialated and just only barely effaced. I am basically sealed up like Fort Knox. This baby just does not want to come out.

My doctor then did an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. The ultrasound took forever and she was very thorough. Finally, she said "I really don't want to have to induce you with such an unfavorable cervix, but we need to get you delivered. Your fluid levels are just too low and continuing to drop. You are at a 5, and that was scraping the bottom of the barrel just to get that number. I really had to hunt around for pockets of fluid." (last Thursday I was at a 7).

She had hoped to get me into the hospital at midnight tonight for inducement, but looks like they are really busy. However, I am at the top of the priority list over anyone else. The hospital is supposed to be calling me between 7am - 8am tomorrow morning (the 12th) with a specific time when to come in.

The plan is to get me started on Pitocin (a synthetic hormone that simulates the one that the body produces naturally called oxytocin - the "labor inducer" hormone). I have requested that if after a few hours my cervix is not progressing, to just proceed to a Csection. It would be too hard to go through 24 hours of hard labor only to find out in the end I am going to have to deliver by Csection anyway (which is why I have been wanting to avoid getting induced in the first place, but now I have no choice). My doctor said that because I have been having a few smaller contractions so far, there is the possibility that my body might cooperate afterall. But just in case it doesn't, we have the Csection as plan B.

I am a bit nervous, a bit excited, a bit sad. I have a lot of emotions going through me right now obviously. Nothing in this pregnancy has gone according to how I thought it would, and so perhaps it is a fitting end that I am delivering this way. And it would only be even more crazy if Preston came on Friday the 13th.

I am so excited to be Preston's mommy and finally get to meet the little guy (maybe not so little, my doc estimated his weight to be around 8 lbs).

I am very grateful to my doctor though who decided to do the ultrasound last week to check things, otherwise we would not even know that my amniotic fluid levels were so low. I mean, you would not be able to tell my fluids were low by looking at me. I am carrying all out front, big, and my hands/feet are swollen. So anyway I am glad that Preston is going to be okay and healthy. But I am just a little nervous/scared because this is my first time doing this and anything could happen.

So basically that is the update. We will call our families (parents and siblings, grandparents, etc) once Preston is born, and then Will is going to try and post a blog update too. Either way - we are going to be parents in the next 48 hours!

Happy Father's Day Will! :)

P.S. I guess this means that Laura wins the Baby Poll - LOL :) Laura guessed that Preston would be born in the evening on June 11th. Nobody guessed any dates after this, so being that he will arrive either late June 12th, or early June 13th - Laura you WIN!!! And good luck to you too - you are due here any day as well! Hopefully you will go early! (Noelle guessed morning of June 11th, so she came in at a close 2nd!)


Anonymous said...

Jen-congrats! I have been anxiously awaiting some news. Everything is going to go great. Just continue to think that in your head! We will keep you in our prayers! PS I do bleieve my guess was that you would go into labor on the 10th but actually have him on the 11th...if I remember correctly. Double check for me-predicting when you'd have this baby is some serious bragging rights! :) XOXOXO N

Kate said...

I'm so excited for you! I hope everything goes really smoothly for you. :)

Sandy said...

You are in our prayers and having had the "pit" for all my babies except Tessha; it's really not so bad. Good luck and think happy. Babies like happy moms! :-)

Mama Dew said...

Good luck with everything. We know you'll do an awesome job with everything.

Dan Thomas said...

Dear Jenni,

Good luck with the baby. "Pit" is not all that bad Sandy would never do anything without it. Friday the 13th is now such a bad day for a birthday. At least it is not the same as yours.

Dad Thomas