Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Doctor Appointment Update

I had a doctor appointment today - was there from 11am to about 4:30pm. I wrote a detailed blog on my Pregnancy Blog for those of you who want to read in detail.

But everything is fine. I just had a routine appointment and found out I was still not progressing, no signs of labor. She did an ultrasound and found that my placenta was callussing and already starting to deteriorate, so she was concerned about the baby. My fluid level was at a 7 too, which is the lowest on the "normal" range. (and considering it was high at my 28 wk ultrasound, she was concerned - it was 19 then).

So within a few minutes she went from "You're going to go into labor when your body tells you to even if you're 10 days overdue", to "I'm scheduling you for an inducement on the 12th and you are going over to the hospital today to get a non-stress test done on the baby."

Had the NS-test done, baby is fine. Active. Getting enough oxygen from placenta so that is good. They are concerned about fluid though. Have to get another NS test done on Tuesday. Have another Dr Appt on Wed to re-assess if induction is necessary. If fluid has gone down (among several other factors), I will be induced on Thursday the 12th.

Also found out I have been having contractions but never knew it. I had 6 small ones in an hour. I had been having them for months but just didn't know what they were.

Not really wanting to be induced though - after learning it would most likely result in Csection. So pray for me that my body will go into labor on its own soon. Thanks everyone.


Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Thanks for the update. You'll be in our prayers, Along with your brother. We love you.

Andy and Brandie said...

Jenni, I will keep you in my prayers. I know that it is scary on your first baby, and everything will work out so you have a beautiful healthy baby boy at the very end.Love you lots hugs Brandie

Anonymous said...

Jen-you are definitely in our thoughts and prayers. Continue to keep us updated! Love ya-N

The Thomas Family said...

I just read your comment. I didn't get your email. Just know I will always respond when you email. So, if I don't it's because I didn't get it. I don't don't know what's going on with that.I'll have to check our spam.
Anyways, I'm so sorry to hear you are having some complications. I had a smiliar problem at 35 weeks. Except I got as low as a 3.It started out at a 7 then two days later 5. By the following day it was a 3. It freaked me out. Especially after loosing Hayley and never really recieving an answer to her death. I'm glad to hear they are being proactive about it and not treating it lightly. If I were you I might try to take it way easy. They put me on heavy bed rest and 2 stress tests a day to monitor the baby. Did they put you on bed rest? I hope so. They said to only get up to go potty and shower. I really do think it makes a difference.
I'm sorry you pregnancy has not been the easiest one all the way to the end. Is this scaring you off from having your next kid or what?! Just wait until your holding your sweet Preston and you'll have your pay back. The days our kids were born were the best days of my life next to our wedding of course. I'm so excited for this next step in you and Will's life. It's going to be amazing.
Please know you will be in our prayes and thoughts. Feel free to call if you feel like it. Or maybe I should just call you. I'll have to track down your number first. Anyways wether we talk or not, we are thinking of you and will pray for a great delivery and a healthy baby. Love ya, Jenn

Dan Thomas said...

Dear Jenni,

Don't worry the baby will come when He gets ready. My prediction as for the 10th at 2:00 in the morning.

Dad Thomas

Suguturaga Family said...

This is where the real fun starts. It feels like the eternal waiting room. Good luck with it all and I know that everything will work out fine. Soon your lil guy will be here and you will forget about all the uncomfortable waiting. I'm so EXCITED!!! Hurry up lil man.

Sandy said...

It was good to talk to you yesterday. I'm glad you're getting a Priesthood blessing and of course, you're in our prayers. Just remember, the Lord has a plan and His is the best plan. Smile, it's going to be good!!! I love you!

Mama Dew said...

Like Jenn, I'm so happy your doctor is being proactive. Definitely listen to her on the bed rest and take care of yourself.

Chelle said...

We're thinking of both of you, sending you lots of good luck and wishing you a quick & safe labor.