Sunday, June 22, 2008

Preston's 1st trip to the Zoo!

Hey there,

Will signing in here. You might think that Preston is a bit too young to take to the zoo. We agree, so we decided to bring the zoo to him.

We have a friendly woodpecker that comes and visits us often. He sits on our window screen and watches us inside the house.

Also sometimes early in the morning, we hear this loud metal noise on our downspouts. I have always thought it was the metal of the downspouts expanding or something. Well, Jenni caught our little woodpecker friend the other day trying to burrow into our downspouts. Now we know what that noise is. LOL

He woke up Preston this morning, so I attempted to get him on video.

Along with this trip to the zoo, we get more exciting animals. A few days ago I was leaving to work in the morning only to see our trash can laying on it's side and trash strewn into the bushes. The raccoons made a big mess and I was determined not to let it happen again so pushed our trash can up against our BIG recycling can making it a lot harder for the raccoons to push over.

Anyway, last night while I was playing the piano to Preston trying to get him to calm down:

All of the sudden I heard our garbage can get knocked over. I was so mad. I jumped up and ran to the window to try and scare away the raccoons, only to see this:

Yeah, so now we have bears! I'm really going to have to bolt down our garbage now. LOL


steele life said...

um, isnt that a little scary to have bears right in your front yard? Especially with a little baby, I guess you cant let your kids as they get older go out side alone. scary! But also at the same time, really cool!

Jenni said...

Holy, cow.. a bear, little freaky! I love that you guys are good about taking and posting pictures of Preston, he is BEAUTIFUL! Keep up the posting, good luck being alone with baby too, I cried when my mom left ... both times. CONGRATS!

Dan Thomas said...

That is quite a zoo. Do you think it was Will's piano playing the brought the bear?

Anonymous said...

Holy Crumb! You have bears, woodpeckers, and sleepless babies, oh my! I think I will happily stay on this side of the state where we see a little less of the major wildlife!
We are loving all the pics of Preston though, and I am truly impressed that you have had time to post anything! Way to keep us in the loop! Love ya-N

The 5 Happy Dayz said...

holy crap! we have to pay good money to go to the zoo! I guess we just need to come to your house! Preston is so cute! It makes me a little sad because it goes by so fast and Tavin is so big in just three months. So keep posting and save a hard copy for him!

Chris & Jen said...

Little scary, but how pretty! Just don't go walking by yourself!! Yikes. Thanks for letting us drop by the other day...Preston is adorable! We felt bad we couldn't stay longer but we will for sure make our way back up there some time to see you guys.

Dave & Marie said...

I love your blog!! I'm so glad to see how excited both of you are about your little bundle. How sweet!! I love to look at the pictures on the side bar too. Where did you guys hike? It looks like mt everest or something of the sort. It inspires me and I hope we do those things again. p.s. Will what race were you in? I'm very interested.

Take care and take rest,

The Thomas Family said...

Wow! Talk about some wild neighbors! Ha ha ha. No seriously, love the wood pecker but the bear would kind of freak me out. I think I've seen too many bear documentaries.
Fun post. Prestons a doll.

Sandy said...

Now that's something to shout about. I'm glad you found out it was a bear while you were in the house instead of putting the garbage out.
I'm just aching to hold Preston. He is so beautiful and really does look peaceful most of the time. Isn't it amazing all the feelings that suddenly come when you have one of your own. See, babies are wonderful.

Kaylene said...

Do you need to get bear prof cans now or something? Yikes. Preston is so adorable!

Lisita said...

We've got a gun if you need protection on your nightly walks. ;)