Tuesday, June 24, 2008


My life has been so consumed lately with the birth of Preston, that my own birthday has been pretty far from my mind. A few weeks ago my mom invited us to come up for dinner on the 22nd, for the purpose of it being my birthday dinner (my bday was the 23rd). Several times I had to ask Will, in my absent-mindedness, "Why are we going to have dinner at my parents house again?"

So Sunday we went up for my "Birthday Dinner", which was really more of an excuse to go and see my little brother and his family who were visiting from Utah before they move to Florida next week. (My mom is a dish collector and any excuse to set a table makes her excited, hence the Martha Stewart-esque shots of the dinner table above)

So yesterday, being my real actual birthday day, it began with Will singing "Happy Birthday" to me as he was leaving for work. And then for the first half of the day, it was just Preston and I.

We had fun breastfeeding, burping, napping, changing poopy diapers, feeding some more until Daddy got home. Then we went to the Pediatrician and I got to watch Preston get his heel pricked (which broke my heart). Afterwhich, we all went home and fell asleep from about 3:30pm - 6:30pm. Okay, well Will slept for 3 hours while Preston and I were up after 1 hour for more fun with feeding, burping, changing poopies, etc....

Dinner time came and went. We thought we had one more dinner from the ward, but it never showed up so we finally went to Jack in the Box around 9pm after we stopped to get me some Vikodin at Walgreens and attempted to look at Snoqualmie Falls but Preston wouldn't have it.

Not that I was expecting anything, but by the time 10pm rolled around I was a little sad that my birthday had come and gone and there was no cake, no presents and worst of all the man I married even forgot my birthday. I was hoping at least for a homemade birthday card, but all I kept getting was comments from him like "See what happens when you become a parent? Birthdays are all about the kids now and our birthdays just kind of fade away." I remembered how grateful I was to just have Preston in my life now, and just answered "He is my birthday present".

After another two hours of a crying baby (and a crying mommy), we finally got Preston to sleep around midnight which involved Will cradeling him and walking around the house while I softly played lullabies and hymns on the piano.

And right as I was finishing "Families Can Be Together Forever", Will came over and plopped a gift bag down on the piano. I looked over and it said "Gene Juarez Spa and Salon" on it. I stopped, looked over at Will to see him slowly backing off and going back to cradeling Preston, and I got up and went over and hugged my two special guys.

I had told Will a while ago that all I wanted for my birthday was a gift certificate to this salon so that I could feel pretty again after going through months of pregnancy, gaining weight, etc. I never once went and had a pedicure/manicure, got my hair professionally done, or got a prenatal massage during my pregnancy. I was very frugal. But after to have what I considered a rough go at pregnancy, all I wanted more than anything was to go and get my hair done at my favorite salon (which is way out of my price range right now). I just wanted to feel good about myself.

"Happy birthday" Will whispered into my ear as I had my arms wrapped around him and Preston as tight as I could. "Careful or you'll squish the baby." He said.

And so turning 31 will go down as one of my memorable birthdays - to have a loving husband, a healthy new baby, and fabulous hair. :)


Dan Thomas said...

I am glad that you birthday was remembered. Enjoy that quite time with Preston because I am afraid that it will not last long.

I just listed Mom and I on flights to Seattle on August the 2nd. With returning on Monday morning on the early flight. We hope that will work. Saturday is usually a good day to fly. If the flights look bad we might fly earlier in the week just to make sure we are there.

Sandy said...

You've always have fabulous hair. In the recent past you acquired a loving husband and even more recently you were given a son. That's pretty awesome and just think, it all started with fabulous hair.

Nancy said...

We love reading your blog. keep it comin! And Happy Birthday.

Mama Dew said...

Yeah for salon time!! You look just as beautiful as ever, but I'm sure the salon will be a nice "treat me"!

Karen said...

Way to go Will!! How could she have doubted you?? And the PERFECT gift. I'm impressed. And Preston is so darn cute! Hang in there with the short nights - it will get better - in about three months :)

Anonymous said...

Jen-Happy Belated Birthday! Way to go Will! It really does get better! Love ya-N
PS Be watching the mail-some of us are a little slow around here, but we do get it right eventually! N

Kate said...

I had no idea it was your b-day - so Happy belated Birthday Jenni!! I hope you enjoy your day at the salon! :)

The Thomas Family said...

Your a women after my own heart. What a perfect gift. You deserve it!

Happy late b-day!

Andy and Brandie said...

happy birthday jenni, i am happy that you are happy. and enjoy the spa day.