Friday, July 18, 2008


So I'm finally getting some of my creative energy back and have been enjoying getting some long-anticipated projects done around the house. Here are a few I've been working on...

After 3 years of marriage and the same white cotton sheets, I finally went and bought some nice satin ones. Also a new bedspread and new throw pillows. Our bedroom has been one of the last rooms I've been able to work on since no one ever sees it. My goal is to make it more romantic and a hideaway for Will and I - instead a storage room for everything we don't want company to see.

I want to eventually replace our bed headboard with a 4-poster wrought-iron frame and hang chiffon drapery from it. Also get some nice wall hangings, and a new dresser. We took my old white dresser and put it in the nursury for Preston, and so right now I have no dresser and am just using a storage bin.

Getting a dresser would also provide a place for me to put my jewelry wardrobe again - instead of on top of the entertainment center in our room.

I also am in the process of getting photos printed and framed so that I can re-do our entry way. I want to do a large photo "collage" of mixed sized black framed photos on the wall. I also want to add a saying, but not sure what yet. Possibly something to do with either "Love at Home" or "Families".

I also finally got our dining room table cleared of all perscriptions and hospital paperwork and replaced it with a nice floral arrangement.

The last and most time consuming project will be re-organizing our closet. It's been 9 months since I've journeyed back into the deep dark corner of the pre-pregnancy clothes area. Not to mention I think 1/2 of my clothes are on the floor because while I was pregnant I would attempt to wear a pre-pregnancy clothing item, only to find out it wouldnt fit. I would take it off and be unable to pick it up off the floor because I couldn't bend over. LOL. So yeah...gunna work on cleaning up that mess for sure.

Also, see the lonely instrument in the corner back there?
It's going to be played again. I no longer have rib issues (I had 4 dislocated during pregnancy). I am going to start up teaching piano again at the beginning of August. And you're all the first to know that I am starting work on a new album, set to tentatively be released in August of 2009.

It is going to be called "Portraits" and all music will be themed around nature photography. I asked my Dad to join me in the project and so for the next year he's going around Washington and Oregon and taking photos of some magnificant things like volcanoes, oceans, wildflowers, sunsets, beaches, etc. It will all be piano-based music but think more along the lines of a filmscore for each photo. I will be incorporating more ethnic instruments, vocals (Enya-esque), and I will be playing the violin more on this album.

It will indeed take me the entire year to complete though...right now it seems like I only get piano time in to play lullabies for Preston. Although I do have several themes started for the album.


Kate said...

Congratulations on getting some projects done and good luck with the work on your album - that's so exciting and I can't wait to hear it!

Sandy said...

Wow, you really did get your energy back. I'm excited for you to take on your projects, but I'm most excited for your new album!! Be careful and don't over do. :-) We'll see you in a couple of weeks.

The High Family said...

Way to go Jenni! You have a great start on your projects...keep up the good work.

I need to get my tushy in gear and clean up this place as well. We moved into our house when I was almost 8 months pregnant with Ryan and 3 years and 2 kids later we still have things in boxes and clutter all over the place!!

I can't wait for your new albumn...I love your music!

Dan Thomas said...

It is good to get your enery back. Just remember that the most important task right now is being a Mother (No success and compenstate for failure in the home.)and doing all the neat things that mothers do.

It sounds like your new album is going to be great. I like the idea of your Dad taking a bunch of pictures around Oregon and Washington. That will be neat.

Emmy Southworth said...

A lullaby album wouldn't be too bad either. I'd buy one. :o)

Congrats on making it over the "hump" and unburying yourself from the first month. It will get easier and better from here. Excited to see you looking forward to a new album!

NelsonFam said...

man, you are on a roll! good luck with everything and don't forget those naps too.

Brian & Veronica said...

Jenni, real quick. Just think it's funny that you really are sleepless in seatle now. haha. and good job for tackling those projects. and congrats on starting a new album. I'm looking forward to it! :)

Jen said...

nice job, where did you find the satin sheets at??

The Thomas Family said...

Hey when you guys blessing the little guy.