Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week in Review

All right. So we've been slackers with our blog this month so far. But it's probably because the little munchkin has his days and nights confused and I've only gotten about 3 hours of sleep in the last 48. Which seems to be the norm lately...Zzzzz....

But here is what we've been up to when we're not trying to get some sleep...

Preston has been having some serious daddy-son time being packed around the house in the Baby Bjorn (which Will likes so he can have his hands free)

We finally got Preston to take breastmilk in a bottle. Now Will can have some bonding time with him, and it will enable me to get back to teaching piano here in a few weeks so that someone else can babysit him while I teach.

We went up to stay at a fabulous Bed 'n Breakfast called my parents' home. lol. It was actually a Bed 'n Breakfast and Lunch and Dinner. :)
(Below: Preston with Grandpa Southworth. Yep, he's putting on a little face chub and is a big 10 pounder now)

Yummy chocolate mousse made by Grandma Southworth.

We all went over to Whidbey Island for the 4th of July to take some sunset shots (Brandie, sorry we didn't stop by!! It was a last-minute idea)

G&G Southworth watched Preston for a bit so us lovebirds could go for a stroll

And then Preston got to go for a stroll as well...

My mom and I enjoyed the beautiful sunset...

While Will took some amazing pictures...

And then we got to enjoy the fireworks from across the bay going off at Port Townsend.

This morning as I was up at 2:00 am feeding Preston, I heard a very loud bang and got up to look out the window. Our furry neighbor was back and was not so graceful this time about getting into our trash can. I immediately went and woke up Will and said "The bear is getting into our trashcans right now!". By the time Will got to the window to look, the bear had dragged them down the side of driveway and managed to get around Will's doubled-strapped bungee cords.
As you can see, he actually bent the lid to get into the trash.
I called the Fish & Wildlife department this morning. This is the 4th or 5th time Mr. Bear has visited us. Enough is enough. I'm freaking out here.

And this is little Preston having some awake time in his swing as it is about 6:30am right now, and I'm blogging because I'm waiting for him to fall asleep so that I can go back to bed too.

We will be blessing Preston on Sunday, August 3rd and any friends and family are of course invited to attend. Our church is at 11am at the Issaquah Building.

This Sunday will be our first Sunday at church now that Preston will be 4 weeks old this Friday. We wanted to keep him home a month to avoid unnecessary germs and handling. We'll see how he likes it! I've been singing him primary songs every night and he loves "Give Said the Little Stream" and "I Am a Child of God" the best.

Will ran a 19 mile race last Saturday and did great. Preston and I went and met him at the finish line - sorry we didn't get any pictures.

I'm healing up great from the Csection and am pretty much feeling mostly normal, aside from not being able to lift anything too heavy. And its still hard to turn over in bed and my incision is still tender to the touch. But I'm actually feeling really good and will be excited to get the green light from my doctor next month to start exercising again. But in the meantime we have been enjoying slow walks with the stroller.

We are enjoying parenthood, but miss our sleep. :) We look forward to seeing Grace next Thursday, and hopefully Jenn & Luke, and James and Elizabeth too here pretty soon. Till next time!


Mama Dew said...

Thanks for the update. I always love seeing your photos Will. I'll be heading to Oregon on the 19th, but it's just a two day trip, so I won't be able to make it up to Seattle to see you all. Sorry! I'll be thinking of you all though.

Saving Grace said...

Sounds like things are starting to settle down, well except for the sleeping thing. He is so big already. I am excited to see you guys!!

Brian & Veronica said...

Everyone always told me "the 3rd is the charm." I didn't believe it b/c my first 2 were horrible sleepers at night, great during the day. took 6 months to sort out with lance and 8 with spencer. crazy times. but, I'm telling you, the 3rds the charm! so, hurry up, have that second baby so you can get to the 3rd and enjoy the charm of infancy! :) hope you get some rest jenni, I know how hard that is.

Dan Thomas said...

Get used to not sleeping a much. Because it will be a long time before you get to sleep lots.

Sandy said...

Sleeping isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Now, holding a new baby in the still, quiet of the night is priceless.

Suguturaga Family said...

Will I love those pics especially the house one. I also love your bed n breakfast. I wanna come. Preston is looking so cute. He is so adorable.