Saturday, July 26, 2008

Week in Review

Once again, new parenthood has taken over our lives and we have to resort to doing the "weekly review". :)

Preston wanted to help out though, so here is our week in review from his perspective...

Mom's gunna give me a bath, I just know it. She said I had a diaper blowout. I like bathtime, but I don't like how my hair has been rubbing off. Look at me!

Maybe if I hide underneath this big yellow thing, she won't find me.

Doh! Found!

Dad seems to think it's funny that I do a faceplant into the front of the Baby Bjorn when I fall asleep in it.

This is my mom. She tells me I've been a fussy baby this week. I can't help it if I like it when she holds me all of the time. Now she carries me around in this thing. I guess it helps her gets things done or something like that. I don't really understand why she would want to do anything else besides hold me all the time though. Do you?

This is what Mom did to me the other day. Dad said he didn't like my hair hanging over my ears, and so Mom gave me a trim. She should be grateful that I at least have some hair. Although I am losing it on top. Daddy says I am taking after him.

Mommy makes me sit in this big thing and she walks around with me in it. I like it because it's really bumpy and that is how I like it. She likes it because she says it helps her to shed her babyweight. I thought I was her babyweight, so I'm not sure what she means by that.

Mom also says all her babyweight is being transferred from her to me. She put me in this outfit the other day. I guess it used to be my Daddy's and they want me to wear it for my blessing next Sunday. Mommy says I can't get any bigger in the next week or it will look funny.

Here's me chillin' with a burp cloth on my lap. It's cuz I like to barf a lot. What. Doesn't everyone?

Mom says my face is filling out nicely. She pinches my cheeks a lot. It makes me smile.

And here is me getting fussy. It's what I do best lately. At least that is what Mom says. But she still loves me. I know it cuz she still feeds me. And I like that. And guess what! I'm 6 weeks old now! Mommy says I have to hurry and wear all my newborn onesies as often as I can before they are too small. See my little belly poking out?

Dad says that we have a bear still. He got into our landlord's garbage and made a mess. Daddy had to clean it up since they were on vacation. And then Daddy couldn't even find our trashcan. He had to go deep into the woods to find it. Mommy is scared of bears. Daddy says not to worry though because my crying scares the bears away - it is so loud.

Here is my Mom and Dad. I'm sleeping. Mom put me in this rediculous hat that both Dad and I didn't like. But it was a hit with all the ladies. So I smiled and coo'd.

I guess someone died so this was us at the funeral. That's my Grandpa Southworth. He's a Stake President, and it was one of his counselors that died. Mommy was sad. She cried. She said that the man who died was like a Grandpa to her.

This is Mommy and Grandma and Me. I'm the cute one.

Here's me with Grandpa, Mom and Dad again. Grandma is taking the picture. I love my family. And they love me.

I am excited because I get to meet my other Grandparents next weekend. Mommy says that I will get to meet Grandma and Grandpa Thomas, and Great Grandma and Grandpa Lindsay. I have so many people in my family!

Well until next time. Its past my bedtime now. Goodnight!


NelsonFam said...

What a cute post. If it makes you feel any better - Jace is loosing his hair as well. It is so sad :(

Dan Thomas said...

Preston is not the only one that likes to sleep or is loosing his hair. We look forward to seeing you all this weekend.

Kaylene said...

Love it! Hes really changing now, I'm sorry to hear about the death. That's always hard.

steele life said...

hey, so I was looking at your pregnancy blog, and a girl i went to high school with writes you all the time on there. I think she found you thru looking at my blog, but that is so funny that she writes you all the time, her name is nikki, and she has the son marshall. I didnt want to write this on your preg blog, but i think that is so weird! Did she just start writting you??

The Thomas Family said...

What cute post. You are so funny Jenni.
I also liked the hat.
May I just say Preston has changed even since we saw him a few weeks back. He is just adorable.

Sandy said...

Preston, you are quite the story-teller. Just keep those stories coming.

Dave, Bethany, Taylar and Jordynn said...

I can take care of that bear for you. I was thinking of having a bear skin rug made first and then buy a cabin to go around it. Or is it the other way around? Maybe I should go with what is cheeper first. The way the market is going who knows what would be more expensive. But anyway I do know a guy, who knows a guys that could help you out. But I think you should hide in the trash can one night and jump out and scare the bear and then all your problems will be solved. It will be like, "That guy is crazy and he scared the poop out of me, I am not going back there." Right? I better go to bed. Good luck with that.