Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I always hate posting these "I need your help" blogs when it comes to my music stuff, but I really do need your help. If you have time. Sorry if this blog annoys you though. LOL.

I have two songs competing on right now. They are both in the Semi-Finals to win $100. But....I need as many votes as I can in order to win #1 in each genre. If I can do that, then I will move on to the Finals to compete against ALL other genres with the prospect of winning $5,000 tomorrow night.

Competitions like these help support my music career, and well, help finance album costs such as studio time, software, manufacturing, photography, etc, etc, etc. And now that I'm a stay-at-home-mom /musician I could use this boost.

What you can do to help:

1. Go to and sign up for a quick free profile.

2. Go to the "Instrumental" and/or "Solo Instrumental" genres and start listening and voting. I have "Fly Away" in Instrumental, and "A Beautiful Storm" in Solo Instrumental. If you only have time to vote for one song, please choose Fly Away as it stands a better chance. :)

3. My song will pop up randomly multiple times, so don't stop voting after only seeing it pop up once. And if you've already heard a song, no need to listen to it again - you can just vote.

4. I would appreciate all the votes I can for my music, but of course if you feel someone else's is better, then by all means vote for them instead. But pretty pretty please vote for me. :)

5. You have until 9pm PST tonight to vote. You can do it while at work, in between tending the kids, or if you're utterly bored you can do it nonstop all day long.

Just by way of information, "Fly Away" got #1 in its genre in May and went on to win the #3 spot for the Finals as well. Unfortunately there is no prize for winning #3 though - so help me win #1 this month! :)



Kaylene said...

I just reposed this on my blog, I hope that's OK. I'll delete it if you'd like. I'm sure doing a lot of tag and pass it on stuff lately, LOL! No more for a little bit. :)

The High Family said...

I voted!

The High Family said...

Decided to check before I head to bed and was sad to see that you came in 2nd! BUMMER! You will get 'em next month!

Ok time for sleep...tomorrow is Ryan's last day of school. :(

I know I will cry...look for post all about it. Night!