Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Vacation Top 10 Countdown - #1

Number 1: Spending time with family.


We spent a week in West Yellowstone, where Will's parents reserved three timeshare condos for the entire family. Almost everyone was able to make it out of Will's nine other siblings. The picture above is not even everyone that was there. It was a lot of fun to just relax and hang out with everyone.

Then we traveled down to Utah, where we got to see my brother Mike and his family (although we didn't snap any pictures unfortunately).

Then we stayed two nights at my Aunt and Uncle's home in Pleasant Grove.

Then we stayed two nights at Mark and Laura's house (Will's sister) where we ate pizza and watched movies, and Preston got to play some more with cousin Jace.

We wanted to spend more time visiting G&G Southworth, but they both were really sick and didn't want to give it to Preston. So we just stopped by for a quck visit on the front porch - long enough to chat, snap some photos, and not spread germs. :)

On our way home we stayed with G&G Lindsay in Pendleton, Oregon

It was really special to get to squeeze in so many visits this trip.


The High Family said... looks like you guys had such a great trip!

I love all the pictures. Now you really motivated me to get my holiday pics of the camera and get my posts done already. Gosh I such a slacker!

Oh and let Will know...I think he looks better withOUT the beard! LOL

Welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Wow, You guys did a lot of really cool things this Christmas break. I love the thomoose family picture too.