Thursday, January 22, 2009

Preston Hates the Violin.

It's true.

Our little 7 month old really hates that instrument.

I knew I should have practiced while I was pregnant. But nope. Piano concerts, piano lessons, piano practicing...all while he was in the womb with me. And he's been listening to the piano since day one after he was born. But completely devoid of the sound of the violin.

In fact, Preston knows what to do with a piano. He watches me play all of the time, and when I sit down with him on my lap he excitedly reaches out for the piano keys and starts pounding on them with his tiny fists.

But the violin? Yikes.

It all started a few weeks ago when we were in Yellowstone for Christmas...

I brought my violin, so I could help my niece, Mika, with her new violin that she got for Christmas.

Like I said, I hadn't really played in about a year. So Preston had never heard the violin before.

I kid you not, but this was Preston after I played for everyone.

At the time I thought it was funny and cute. "Maybe he just needs to get used to the sound of it" I said to Will.

Well, not so. He just plain dislikes it.

Aside from my 11 piano students, I now have one violin student, Chloe. She is 8 years old, very smart, and has a natural talent for the violin. Very easy to each and catches on really fast.

Today, as I was getting my violin tuned and warmed up before Chloe arrived for her lesson, I started playing some scales and a few songs to get my fingers warmed up. All of sudden Will and I hear Preston wailing from his crib (who, by the way, slept through ALL of my piano lessons today).

I stop. We look at each other and almost simultaneously say "He really does not like the violin."

So I'm simply convinced, either Preston really hates the violin, or I just really stink at playing it. LOL

Me 5 years old

7 years old

Playing in the 6th grade orchestra, as a 2nd grader

Will and I after my concert with the Oregon Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra

Album portraits


The High Family said...

Nooooooo...he can't hate the violin! j/k

Maybe he has extra sensitive ears?

I love all the pics! I wish I still played. We were cleaning our office closet and my violin (and sax) are in there. It was nice to dust it off but I have yet to try to play. I really hope my children play someday. :)

Carolyn said...

What are we going to do with that kid? Maybe we'd better start packing our violins around, and play for him more often! We've gotta fix that!

Suguturaga's said...

Uh-oh maybe it is just a phase. That isn't possible. He will grow to become a famous violin player.

Brandie said...

Oh my I would have never thought. I love to listen to the violin. I think his little face was so cute. He will get used to it in time. How funny.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

I'll cross my fingers that the violin thing is only a phase, because I LOVE your music.

Kaylene said...

OH that's funny! I haven't sung in years, and I was pretty good at 18... I recently tried to unbury my talent, and all three of my boys looked at me and their eyes brightened up and even though I wanted to cry because I'm SO rusty, I got VERY positive reviews from my kids. Michael even said "Mommy! You sing SO pretty!"

Hopefully he'll change his mind in no time. :) (((HUGS)))

carlen said...

OH NO!!!! That's terrible! So does Will take him out for a run whenever Chloe comes for lessons???
SORRY! Chloe absolutely loves her lessons and adores you! On the evenings when Will's not around, I'll take him for a walk!!! Maybe you and Chloe should learn one of his favorite songs and serenade him!!!