Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pictures of the Week

This is what happens when Will dresses Preston for the day:

And this is what happens when Mom gets to choose the storytime book.

I didn't know it was a pig picture when I opened it up. Will told me that I was forever going to give our child a complex about his weight now. LOL.


The High Family said...

Soooo CUTE!

PS- I decided to see what my blog reading level was and it said Jr. High! What?! Now I feel STUPID! Ummm...I won't be posting that on my side bar! LOL

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

LOL. I love the pig book. and the matchy matchy outfits. You guys are great parents.

Mama Dew said...

Cute pics! And I hope Jace starts liking the violin soon. I think we're gonna need some more lessons.

carlen said...

So where are Will's shorts over his pants??? Cute cute pics!