Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Vacation Top Ten CountDown!

Well, as everyone else probably did, we took a TON of photos over Christmas. I didn't want to write a travel log and bore you all, and so I thought the easiest way to do this was to pick our favorite 10 things about our Christmas holiday.

So I broke everything up into 10 different posts. If any of you find pictures of yourselves that you want the full original sized version of, just leave me a comment and I'll email it to you.

All pictures are clickable to enlarge.


P.S. Oh, and we have our blog set up to only show 5 posts per page, so when you get to the bottom you have to click "older posts" to see more.

1 comment:

mbishopp said...


merry christmas. i am glad you were able to get away for awhile.

question: how do you post pictures side by side?