Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How does this happen?

Question: How does this happen?

Answer: You have an 11 and 1/2 month old who gets into everything.
For those who think I always keep a clean house, think again. I can't keep up with the little guy!


Lori-ann said...

HA! That's MY house today too! I'm TRYING to have the kids clean up, but NO. They decide to get out all the board games instead and make an even BIGGER mess! Ugh. I feel ya on this one. It's a never ending struggle.

And I think I counted 4 "Jennifer Thomas" cd's on the floor there, lol! The best toy ever.

Justin and Olya said...

hahaha! oh, its not that bad :) and by the time you've got a couple , you'll be a pro at toy gathering!

Janna G said...

I have 3 of them, 2 of them old enough to clean up after themselves and my house is always like that. Today I am off to make an effort to find the floor so I can vacuum.

Suguturaga's said...

Seriously. It is amazing how such a small person can create such a large mess. Don't you love it. Your house will never be the same. He is almost 1. I can't believe it.

The Thomas Family said...

I hear ya sista. That's so funny. I love it!

A friend of mine had a magnet on her fridge that said "If you have a clean house, you have a boring life." I want one of those magnets. :)