Sunday, June 14, 2009

Preston's Birthday Photos

Can you believe this photo above was taken one year ago??

That's right. Our little guy, Preston William Thomas, turned one on June 13th.

Will kept reminding me throughout the day of how much better a day at the park with cupcakes was SO much better than 22 hours of labor and a Csection.

I had to agree quite whole-heartedly.

Even though it was a hard pregnancy and labor, I never once thought of the experience as anything but wonderful. I have very special memories of our time together at the hospital. It was when we were no longer a "couple", but became a "family".

Preston is just that - a sweet little boy who lights up our lives with his smile, sense of humor (yes, he is quite funny), and giggles.

All right enough of the mushy stuff! Onward ho with the birthday pictures and cake smashing!

Preston wasn't quite sure what to think of the cupcake, but once he dug his fingers in and took his first bite...MMMmmmmmmm...he was pretty interested.

And then after the new-ness of it wore off...

And then...

He seriously just laid in the grass giggling. So then Will had to jump in and tickle (not that he needed it to get the giggles out, but it was fun).

After the giggle fest came the c-r-a-s-h...

Then we cleaned him all up and took family photos (see above post)...

And then present opening time. Preston was soooo tired and not really into the gifts. I thought he was going to doze off sitting on my lap. I tried to get him to help me rip into the presents, but he was soooo mellow. Haha. So he just watched.

But he was SUPER excited when we opened the puppy gift. This was a gift from our friends (the Highs) and he absolutely loved it. He would put it down, and kept making "oof, oof noises at it". It was so adorable.

So that is why the puppy ended up in a lot of our family photos as well. :)

Just some more photos...

Sir Preston's first birthday ended with new pajamas and reading (jibber-jabbering at) his birthday cards that he got in the mail from his Grandma Thomas and Great-Grandma Lindsay.

Happy 1st birthday Preston baby! We love you!


Kate said...

What a fun day!

Kate said...

what an amazing post. I seriously LOVE all the pictures! I'm so glad you all had an enjoyable day! Happy Birthday Preston!!!

Lori-ann said...

That last picture is terrific! Man, I wish we had someone like your dad around to take such good pictures all the time. :) He does a GREAT job! I love them, especially the first family picture. You're right, that's the very best one. I love the pictures where you can see Preston's cute top teeth.

Lori-ann said...

OH WAIT! I meant to post that on the OTHER one! *DOH!* Should I copy and paste?

Okay... so I really do love that last picture of Preston "reading" the card. Too cute!

And Happy Birthday!!!

Sandy said...

Great Post~ second best to being there :-) Happy Birthday Little Man.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Preston gets cuter everyday. I love his red hair and chubby cheeks. I can't wait to live closer to you guys so we can come celebrate on such special occasions. We love you Preston.

PS I love his little outfit he is wearing in his pictures. So cute.

The High Family said...

It looks like he had the PERFECT 1st birthday...surrounded by the ones who truly love him!

That cupcake looked SUPER yummy! We made oreo cupcakes and Kara ate the entire thing! LOL (I think I might have to introduce her to sugar detox when she gets older!)

I am so glad you had a beautiful, perfect day with your new ONE year old. Happy Birthday Preston!

Ciarra said...

that cupcake was FUNFETTI! My absolute favorite :)

I posted something on Preston's b-day, but I guess it didn't show up :( Oh well, I can't believe these lil' guys are already one! Seriously, they are one!!!!

Your day looked absolutely perfect in every way . . .what a beautiful way to spend the day, outside with those that you love! I hope you enjoyed it! Preston really is one of the cutest little guys ever and the photos turned out beautifully!