Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reflections on being 32

I have to admit, my birthday really snuck up on me this year. Last weekend was Father's Day, my Grandma's birthday, and then Preston just had his birthday on the 13th, Will's birthday is coming up next Wednesday. So when yesterday morning came around and my inbox and Facebook page started getting "Happy Birthday" messages, I really did stop and go, "Oh my gosh, today is my birthday! How weird."

I turned 32.

Let me repeat that - Thirty two years old!!! People...I feel so stinkin' old. And what makes it an eensy-weensy bit worse is the fact that until Will's 31st birthday next Wednesday I am 2 years older than him instead of just one. (He likes to rub that one in every year).

Will reminded me yesterday that the reason I am feeling so down about turning 32 is because I'm no longer brushing up against 30. (31 being next to 30). And 30 was brushing up next to my 20's.

So in essense, I'm like, officially into the 30s now. My 20's are bye-bye.

I do have to thank my parents for giving me fair-skinned genetics so that I hardly ever went without sunblock all those years - giving me the advantage of appearing younger than I really am because it's near impossible for me to acheive a tan.

And I have to be grateful, finally, for my "little girl" voice that makes me seem 22 years old instead of 32. At least, on the phone.

I do, oddly enough, feel a little bit wiser this year but I have to accredit that to becoming a mother.

But I don't enjoy the crowsfeet wrinkles around my eyes - although Will tells me its from all the laughing and giggling that I do. I imagine that is probably true.

I find it really weird that I graduated from college 11 years ago. High school 14 years ago. I've known Will for 6 whole years now. Been married for 4. That we actually look younger in our wedding photos, and that the youth in my ward are now officially half my age.

But it is nice to have a husband who leaves me notes on my pillow like this on the eve of my birthday:

"Happy Birthday Jenni!

You may not enjoy growing older, but I enjoy growing old with you. Hope you can look back on your 32 years of life and smile knowing you enjoyed your time. Hope you can look forward to the future year and smile knowing the future is bright.

How have I seen the hand of God in my life today? You are by my side all day. That itself is one of the greatest gifts from God I could receive.

With lots of love,

Okay, if getting older means that I get to do it with this guy, then I can handle the crowsfeet. Hmmm. I sure love him.


carlen said...

i never would have guessed that you were 32 and TOTALLY wouldn't have guessed that you're older than Will (not that he looks old, but you do look younger). what a sweet birthday note!

my biggest "i'm old" realization this year was when my laurels told me the year i graduated from high school was their (the seniors) birth year! holy cow! and now little kids i babysat are having kids!

Lori-ann said...


You have a great guy there! Hang onto him and cherish him. It's obvious he cherishes you.

For some reason my birthday coming up here in 2 days, the big 32, isn't bothering me as much as turning 30 did. Think of how much more life you have! The 20's sucked! Who wants to be in their 20's again. Ick.

Hope you had an incredible day though.

Annalea said...

I'll never forget, the summer of my 30th, driving home from somewhere listening to that Erasure song that goes "to resolve on this man in his twenties", realizing I was leaving my twenties behind.

That was quite the shock--despite the fact that I always begin mentally preparing for my next birthday six months before, in January. (Mine's nine days before yours. ;o)

Just beware . . . don't ever think people will take you seriously/respect you because you're in your 30's. There will always be someone older sure you're not old enough to know what you're doing, and someone younger sure you're too told to have any idea. lol And if it offers any comfort, you can always assauge your feelings of ancient-ness by remembering that you're a year younger than I am.

Welcome to the 30's!