Thursday, June 11, 2009

New website features

New updates on my website: new homepage, music sampler, sheetmusic, news, blog, etc...


Sorry for the boring blogs lately. I have been super swamped trying to get things all set up for the new album release. The album is basically done. We have one song left for Paul to mix/master, and then next week he'll be getting the final masters to us. Once approved, they get shipped back to New Jersey for production which takes another 2 weeks or so.

So in the meantime, I've been trying to update my website (which I hadn't done in a super long time). It was starting to feel super outdated. I've added some new pages on there - one which a lot of people will be excited about - the Sheet Music page. I get requests almost daily in my inbox from fans wanting sheetmusic and I have felt rather lame for promising it to them for the last 2 years and not delivering. I actually have an assistant helping me getting all the music into notation, which helps a lot.

Anyway, looks like we'll be releasing the album mid-July. We'll have it before then, but we want to be sure everything is set up to do a proper release. Stay tune!

Tomorrow - no work. Preston and I will be going shopping while Will stays home to get some peace and quiet job-searching. Saturday is Preston's 1st birthday - can you believe it's been a whole year? I can't. So anyway, we're doing a small family party at the beach with the 3 of us and my parents. Cupcakes and treats and family pictures. So next week I'll have more fun stuff to blog about other than what I'm doing with HTML. LOL

P.S. that imeem music player on my homepage for some reason doesn't work on Firefox, or Google Chrome. I'm going to find an alternate music player, so sorry for now.


Lori-ann said...

So THIS is where you've been all week! Jenni, your website looks TERRIFIC! Makes me want to revamp my website too.. someday. Honestly, your website is topnotch!

I hope Preston's birthday turns out great. Sounds like a small, special birthday. Those are my favorite. I guess I never understood the big celebrations for 1, 2, and 3 year old's who can't even remember it.

Nikki said...

oooh I can't wait for your new album!!!

The High Family said...

The new site looks AWESOME! I was able (finally) to listen to the player and we (Ryan, Kara and I) LOVED the samples!

Can't wait for your release!