Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Baby Shower

It's official.

The shower has happened, so I can now have the baby.

Today was my baby shower - which - I have to explain I originally said "No, really it's okay, I don't need a shower because I'm having another boy."

Etiquette has it that you normally aren't blessed twice with a shower if your expecting another baby of the same sex.

However, I have a group of very VERY generous friends from my church who absolutely insisted. And when they started asking me to name some items that we could use for baby #2, it occured to me that yes, there actually are some things that we need that are totally worn out from Preston's use.

So bring on the baby shower, however, please just refer to it as a "sprinkle" so people aren't carried away.

And yet, carried away they did get because I came away feeling very very blessed and very special. We will have a very stylishly dressed newborn in everything from adorable onesies to cute sweaters, to overalls, little dress shoes and more. And he'll have soft blankets, burp clothes, receiving blankies, a moby wrap, and a brand new infant carseat to boot! Oh, and diapers! Yes lots of diapers. And gift cards.

Hello? I really was not expecting this sort of kindness and generosity and so I was really blown away.

Here are some photos from the shower...

(Will's youngest sister, Alisha, me, Will's sister Elizabeth with daughter Gwenevere)

(My mom and I)

(Me talking with Teri while admiring the spread)

(Kristen (in the green shirt) is my prodigy piano student and she was one of the conspirators of the shower. She made the cake all by her 12-year-old self. And she is talking to Shannon)

(This is my really good friend Erika on the left (she is due around Thanksgiving), and I. We're munching away on the yummy egg cassorole, fruit, and muffins)

(My adorable niece, Gwenevere)

(Gwenevere's mommy, Elizabeth (my sister-in-law))

(About 33 women showed up - such an amazing supportive group of friends)

(Me opening a gift and completely impressed that these blankets were hand-made by Alisha! Thanks girl!)

It was a great shower. I particularly loved the "Final Weeks of Pregnancy Survival Kit" that I received from my friend Rachelle. It contained chocolate, foot spa soak, earplugs, toys for Preston, and some other creative things. I will definitely be using that!

Thanks everyone. We appreciate your kindness so much.

P.S. I seem to get a lot of compliments when I wear this dress (from my shower), and people are always asking me where I got it. So in case you were wondering, I got it at Target :) It's not a maternity dress, but just a regular maxi dress. I bought it a few sizes bigger so that it would fit my belly. They have a whole array of skirts, shirts, and dresses with this same print with sweaters and tops to match.


The Schaeffer Family said...

You look awesome in red, and you're a Lucky McDucky. Aren't awesome and loving friends the best? What a wonderful way to get ready for Baby #2!

Carolyn said...

I'm glad that I could come down for thes shower, the ladies were very kind and generous....and THANK YOU for loaning us Preston for three days!

Dan Thomas said...

Was there any toys for Will at the shower?