Thursday, July 29, 2010

Preston's Prayers

Preston has been getting better at saying nightly prayers with us. It is so dang cute that we've been meaning to get it on video for a couple of weeks, but always forget.

I finally remembered to video it the other night, so here it is.

P.S. In defense of the bottle, yes I know he should be weaned. He drinks out of sippy cups and regular cups all day long, but his bottle is his special "nighttime" treat and he LOVES it. I almost had him off of it a month ago, but I think it is I who likes him to have it more than he does. It is so much easier to put him to bed with it. I think after baby #2 arrives, we will try harder to get him off of it. But for is his bedtime treat.


Carolyn said...

Such a cutie.....he wouldn't say the prayer last night....but he folded his arms and waited until I was finished. I don't think it would take much for him to ditch the bottle....he actually hasn't shown much interest in it since he's been here at our house.....too many other things to distract him!

Dan Thomas said...

He is a real cute! He is just like his parents!

Have you thought of when you might bless baby #2? As soon as you know please let Mom and I know so we can meke plans to attend.

Steve said...

He's so cute.

Cordy was doing really well at praying for a long time, but recently she's reverted back to saying "I'm too tired. Your turn."

And though we try to encourage her and convince her that she needs to take her turn too, we also want to avoid running the risk of turning it into an argument.