Sunday, July 17, 2011

11 months

(Preston is pretty excited that he gets to hold Taylor on his lap all by himself)

Yep that's right, our little Taylor man turned 11 months old today. And he's right, gosh darnitt, I am getting a bit mushy thinking that next month he is already going to be a year old.

I remember when Preston turned 1, I thought he was huge. I guess it takes having an older child to now put into perspective that a 1 year old is still a baby and they're quite little. :)

Taylor is quite the little spit-fire. He's got a little of Will's stubborness in him and likes things to be his idea. If you give him food, or a toy, or whatever...he won't take it. But set it on the floor in front of him, he'll pick it up - because it was his idea.

He's not crawling yet, still scooting around on his bum, but just within the past couple of days he has been lunging forward onto his hands and knees. He'll stay there for a minute and then go back to sitting position. He can almost pull himself up to things, at least to kneeling position. He will stand on his legs while holding onto something. We've tried walking him around while he holds our fingers, but he looks more like a newborn wobbly-legged calf than a baby who should be walking soon.

Taylor LOVES dirt.

It's summer time and so we've been getting outdoors as much as possible, and the kid will always go to wherever there is dirt. He'll play in it, put it on his head, eat it (no joke), and just rub it all over. I'm pretty sure he's eaten a few rocks too.

A couple of weeks ago, Will was outside weeding the garden and Taylor was out there with him. It was 9pm and time for the boys to go to bed, and had been waiting for Will to bring them in but could tell he wasn't going to be done for a while. So I went outside to fetch Taylor and get him into bed, and saw that he had been, uh, "helping" Will with the garden. There was a big scoot mark across the dirt and I found him sitting in it with a fistful of dirt in each hand. There wasn't an inch of clean skin on his body and his face was smothered in dirt, evidence that he'd been eating it. At first I was totally annoyed that Will let him get this dirty right before bed because it meant that now I was going to have to give him a bath and it was just going to prolong bed time. But honestly I couldn't help but bust up laughing at him. It was actually really really funny. He was just having the time of his life.

Taylor at the Cap Sante Marina 2 weeks ago

He's a great little baby and we love him. I think we'll keep him. His hair has been growing like weeds lately and I had to trim around his ears before church today. It's still coming in super dark red, and he gets a lot of attention from the ladies because of it. :)

Happy 11 months Taylor!


Carolyn said...

Yes, we'll sure keep him! He was grandma's buddy today in church. He REALLY has a personality!

James and Elizabeth said...

I can't believe he's almost 1. I still think of him as a little baby.

Dan Thomas said...

Eating dirt can be health for you!