Sunday, July 31, 2011

Boys of Summer

This one is all about my boys. :)

This one went to a shoe sample sale in downtown Seattle with James (bro-in-law) via kayaking.

Yes you read that right. They kayaked to their shopping destination, bought loads of shoes, and then kayaked back. If you've got to shop, this is the way to do it me thinks.

Next this has nothing to do with summer, because in fact this photo was taken back in February, but I thought it was cute so I am posting it. Preston was 2.5 yrs old, and Taylor was 6 months.

Next, guess who is discovering his world?

He is now pulling himself up to standing position all over the house. His favorite place right now is the piano, because he can reach up and pound on the keys. I LOVE it. Best sound in the world.

He isn't walking yet, and he's not crawling - though he wants to soooooo bad. He gets up on his knees and almost crawls. He is so close. But since he's so talented at scooting, he's a little behind schedule on crawling.

With that said though, he is climbing stairs. Not my favorite thing, because we don't use stair gates. This morning I found him 3 stairs up! He's not exactly stable enough to be trusted alone on the stairs and so I've been trying to put up baracades in front of the stairs, but he still manages to find a way through. The boy has no fear.

We had Edward Cullen hair day at our house.

He might be a bit dirty, but cute no less, right?

Ah, the boys of summer. This picture just says it all.

This one too.

Taylor loved getting wet. Preston, not so much.

This next picture - hee hee. So funny. Those cheeks.

This is one happy, wet, sweaty, sunkissed babe.

And since you are wondering, I shall now take a moment to tell you that the sale on the house we're renting did NOT go through. And so what this means is we're still here for a while longer. Apparently the home inspector found some mold issues among other things and the buyer got skiddish and ran.

So, on the one hand, it was good because we weren't finding anything to rent yet. But on the other, Will still has a bummer of a commute for a while. Friday it took him a very very long time to get home. He left work at 4pm and didn't get home until almost 9pm, after several bus connections and a train. Crazy.

That's all folks. Thanks for checkin' in with the Thomas Family.


Dan Thomas said...

Looks like the boys of summer had a good time! I like the way Taylor gets around. He skuts and I have to roll.

Dan Thomas said...

When I saw Will I thought at fisrt he was my brother Cornell!

Carolyn said...

The look on Taylor's face, says it all!

Renae said...

So, I decided to link my blog to your family blog instead of your Belly Diaries blog. I miss hearing about your family adventures. Hope you don't mind. :) The kids look so great and so happy and have such adorable facial expressions. I think I need to read a few more posts. Definitely have missed out on a lot!

James and Elizabeth said...

Taylor's hair is getting so red. I love it.