Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Tie You Over...

We've been a bit busy here at the Thomas Home, and regretfully our vacation/race blog has fallen behind. To tie you over, here are a couple of photos from our trip.

More to come.

LOTS more.


Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

Oregon Coast

Yosemite National Park


James and Elizabeth said...

You're making me want a big road trip.

Dan Thomas said...

I hope you did not get ran over as you steped out of your car at Yosemate!

Sandy said...

Oh, the wonderful memories you are creating. Kind of reminds me of our good old camping days. Love it.

Jared said...

Three states! That's quite a vacation!

Mike Southworth said...

Love the photos of your trip. Tell Will I'm looking forward to reading a post about his Western States experience when he catches his breath.