Monday, July 25, 2011

Red Carpet Dresses

All right ladies (and interested gentlemen).

So me + red carpet event = need an amazing dress.


Me + being Mormon with a modest dress code = Not a whole lot of cute options.

However, I've been eyeing a few websites where they tailor make gowns for you. There are two sites that I am a huge fan of. One is called and they are an eBay powerseller (so their store is on the eBay site). They do a lot of couture knock-offs and celebrity red carpet look-a-likes. And their quality is top notch, shipping is inexpensive and fast, AND get this, they will also send additional material if needed (to make it more modest).


I actually am really loving the online site called They are also another online personal tailored dress shop with couture and celebrity gown look-a-likes, but they don't go to the extent as the other shop when it comes to sending you additional material, etc. So I am bummed about that, BUT, I think they have way cuter options when it comes to "modest" dresses. Modest meaning, they will work with some very slight alterations.

So here are just a few dresses that I have found so far. Keep in mind, that I won't be so, uh, "fluffy" by November because I've been busting my rear to lose my pregnancy weight. I've lost 12 pounds since June, and have been working out 6 days a week, 3 days with a personal trainer. So these dresses are in my mind on me as hopefully being a good 30 pounds lighter by November.

This one works really well, with the exception of needing to add a little material in the back. Pastel pink usually looks really well on me, and so this is one of my top picks. I love the "belt" and the sleeves, and it looks very elegant.

I'm not so much a fan of this one, but I thought that that nude colored material with the sequined shoulder was a really nice idea. The dress can also come in any color I want. Maybe I just don't like the color or the way the model looks in it. Oh, and Will says this is a "pooch" dress, as in even if you only weigh 90 pounds your stomach will still pooch out in it.

This next dress I'm actually considering for some of my album photoshoots. My style is a Chic-Modern-Jane Austen'ish style with updated accessories, makeup, and hair. So it's not really one I'd wear on the red carpet, but I just had to share.

This next one I LOVE LOVE LOVE, however it only comes in white and I can't seem to convince myself that it wouldn't look somewhat bridal. However, it does bear a strong resemblance to the dress Audrey Hepburn wore to the ball in "My Fair Lady", which might be why I'm in love with this dress.

This next one is another Jane Austen dress that I love (comes in any color). I love the beautiful lace sleeves and the sheer material with the lace etching along the bottom of the skirt portion. Again, not exactly red carpet material, but for the album yes.

This next one is lovely, and again, you can order it in any color. However, I don't know that it would look good in any color. Can you imagine it as black lace over red material? But the grey looks great...but not sure if I want to really wear black on the red carpet. I want to stand out a little more. Oh, and some material would need to be added to the sleeves, and back.

This last one is very beautiful, but I'm not sure if it would work with my body type. It's lovely from the front, but from the back side it goes straight down. I think they should have added some more of the drapery on the backside as well. But from the front it's very nice.

So, I also need a separate dress for the before/after parties and it would be more of a cocktail dress. I really love this one below to the right, however, I would order it in BLACK and perhaps pair it with some red heels or something. And then since the pink one is the front runner for now, I attached it to the pic.

I still have a lot of time though, and I'm sure new dresses will continually be added to these sites so when/if I find more options, I'll post them.

I'm friends with Jenny Oaks Baker on Facebook, and she and I have talked a lot about modest fashion. She always has the cutest concert performance dresses. It is really hard to find modest formal gowns that don't look like the typical Utah prom dress. Obviously, we're looking for something more grown-up and chic. She told me she buys the dress that she likes, no matter if it's sleeveless or whatever - as long as it's the DRESS she loves. But she buys TWO of them and then has a very good seamstress cut up the 2nd dress and add sleeves, backing, or whatever. Some of these dresses are not cheap either. I don't know that I could afford to buy two of each, so I'm trying to find ONE that would work with alterations. :)


Sandy said...

I'm with you~ with the pink one as the top runner but there are some beautiful dresses here. I can't wait to see what you pick out.

Claire said...

Love the pink and grey dresses! The Grey one is very Kate Winslet!

James and Elizabeth said...

I love the first dress the light pink one. It is so beautiful. But you will look good in any dress. So excited for you. Thanks for sharing your experience we us what to be(s).

jensenfam4 said...

I love the first red one and the black/gray one! Good luck.

Annalea said...

The first and third dresses have my votes for now. That first one is just too lovely. (I'm a sucker for a floaty, drapey skirt like that one.)

I dug through my reader archives, and found this one, from back when I subscribed to the LDS Living blog feed. Someday I'm going to wear (and look fabulous) in that third one. I love the neckline.

The second one at that link might be a contender for the after-party dress, eh? I really like it, as it's lovely, modest, and uber-classy.

Marissa said...

I LOVE your top pick- it's gorgeous.

Tessha said...

I met Jenni Oaks Baker on the tennis courts in SLC last month. She came to Pocatello for Time Out for Women and I wanted to tell her we were excited about her new Disney album. I knew you two talked a bit and I wanted to mention you to her, to make the connection but I didn't.

I abosolutely loved her fashion sense too at the concert. Great taste!

debra said...

The pink dress is fabulous, definitely my favorite.