Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Reflections

Another Sunday is almost come and gone.

Today we learned at church that if you sit in the front row, your 10 month old can scoot his way up to the organ and push the buttons.

We also learned that if your 3 year old doesn't catch a cat-nap during 1pm Sacrament Meeting, then he's not really the nicest most obedient child for the rest of the day.

And Relief Society is super useless if your baby is out of control and the loudest thing in the room.

Sometimes I try to look at my life from a future perspective. Yeah, that doesn't really make much sense does it. What I mean is, sometimes when days can be frustrating or I wonder what the point of all of our efforts are, I try to pretend I'm looking back on my life as an old woman. What I wouldn't give to be back in my 30's rocking my baby to sleep, yet I complain right now because he's not sleeping through the night and I have to get up with him 2 or 3 times. And wouldn't it be so fun to go back in time to when our family was little and Preston could sit on my lap during church, and look at him now - all grown up with his own kids.

Okay really I might sound crazy thinking like that sometimes, but it does help me to gain a little perspective.

I was going to write a big long blog post venting about my frustrations regarding living in a home that is for sale, working your hiney off to clean it (by myself, and with two home-wrecking tornados that live here as well), and being told it still needs to be cleaner, and being asked to do several fix-it projects to it to help it sell without really much compensation and when you are already incredibly busy and your husband works 14 hour days.

But then decided I didn't want to go into it but just really say that I hope someday as an old woman I'm able to look back at the time when we were in our early 30's and renting a home that was for sale and am so grateful for how it taught me to be a hard worker and to always keep things clean. Cuz right now all I'm feeling is stress, stress, and STRESS.

On the brightside, I was just nominated for a really cool music award. I can't tell you details just yet, but I will tell you this: red carpet, media, awards show at Kodak theater in Hollywood, after-parties, this November.


Carolyn said...

I was depressed today too.....just thinking about you having to move away so soon. Then I'll be lonely again.....well, at least until dad is realeased as Stake President. But there is nothing like having two little boys who are excited to come visit "bramma's house."

Dan Thomas said...

At least your husband is not home everyday without a job. Just do the best you can and let the rest go! Trust me stress is not worth having and will do crazy things to your mind!

Sandy said...

I think you're one smart lady to be thinking ahead about thinking back. I know things aren't always easy or even as easy as we'd like but right now you are working hard "sowing the seeds in your garden" and I know how much work that takes. But if you can imagine the bouquet you will be holding in a few short years it will make it all worthwhile. And, like you said, appreciation for what is now brings greater joy upon reflection. You're doing wonderfully!!! and we love you for it!!!!

Kate said...

Great post :) I haven't really ever considered looking at life from that point of view, but it's a great way I think. Makes me realize things that we things are so big and stressful will probably not even be something we remember!