Friday, August 1, 2008

Preston's first movie and other stuff

Thanks to anyone who took the time to vote for my songs on ourstage the other night. They ended up coming in at #2 (Fly Away), and #4 (A Beautiful Storm).

So last night we took Preston to his first movie. LOL. While we probably should have gotten a babysitter, we just didn't plan ahead accordingly and ended up taking him with us. It was an independent film at an older theater in downtown Seattle, so we thought it would be okay (audience-wise).

Well, he cried all the way there. Except for when we would drive on bumpy roads and then he would go "Ooooooohhh". LOL He LOVES bumpy roads.

And then once we parked, we contemplated taking him in the carseat, but luckily we brought the baby bjorn too. We opted for the bjorn and boy we are glad we did! We found a spot in the very back of the theater, but we took turns standing up in the back the whole time with him bouncing him and walking around. He was very interested in staring at the ceiling lights instead of falling asleep.

Eventually he fell asleep, but right as Will carefully tried to sit down in his seat, he woke up again of course. And it was back to walking and bouncing, walking and bouncing. But overall he was pretty good during the entire movie - aside from a minor meltdown when he got to the end of his bottle and wanted more. Haha.
He was even a good sport as we walked back to the car in the pouring rain. He was sleeping of course and Will was a great shield as he covered his head with a blanket the whole time. But as soon as we put him back in his carseat, he woke up and started wailing..the ENTIRE time home. 40 minutes worth of wailing. Ahhh our ears!

So that was Preston's first movie. He got to see "Ultra Marathon Man"! I gotta say the boy has got some endurance just like his papa. Hopefully that endurance will soon transfer from how long he can cry - to how long he can run. :)

And we enjoyed getting all the compliments from passerbys as we walked around Seattle. "Awwe how cute!" "Your baby is adorable!" Sure makes a momma proud!

Here are some more pictures from recent.

Preston with his cousin, Elena (Mike and Emmy's daughter)

Preston with his cousins Spencer and Noah (Luke and Jenn's kids)

Preston asleep in carseat

Good morning! LOL Preston and I first thing in the morning

Look at my belly mom!

And last of all, Preston smiling. He's been smiling and coo'ing for the past week. It is SOOO cute!


Dan Thomas said...

Going to the movies can be a different thing for a while. However thing will settle down again.

Sandy and I are excited to come to the blessing. I just checked the flights and both look good. We are listed 5 and 6 from Salt Lake to Seattle with eight first class seats and 23 in the back. We should have no trouble getting there. We will let you know when we are in Salt Lake and on a plane. There is also over 23 open seats out of here in the morning and we are listed 2nd and 3rd.

Karen said...

I've kinda been on computer vacation lately...thanks to the yard work! So I haven't looked in on you lately. Oh my goodness!! Preston has grown so much already. You can really see his little personality, especially when you are speaking for him! (very funny I might add.)Maybe you should borrow our dog to chase your bear..she's getting good at hunting rats, BIG ones coming up our hill from the construction site. Are you sleeping thru the night yet?

The Thomas Family said...

Preston just keeps getting bigger and bigger each post. He's a cute one.
Love the movie story. Believe it or not we took Kar to the movie's with us until she was over a year old. I know we're insane,we were too cheap to hire a babysitter. :)

Loretta said...

You or anyone has never heard me play because I am really really rusty that is why I can't try out for the Symphony this year. Maybe next year. And I didn't take your comment in a bad way.
By the way I had a wonderful time at Preston's blessing. It was so good to see you guys!

Suguturaga Family said...

We took Sitani everywhere with us his first year. He was a lil trooper and we never wanted to leave him with a babysitter. It was a lot of fun. Preston's face has really changed since his newborn shots. Your lil tike is growing up so fast.