Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Just thought I'd start this post out with a cute picture:


Oh, and this one too...

Okay. Now on to our Halloween(s).

First, you have to know that we had two nights of Halloween. Friday and Sunday.

Friday was the Ward Trunk or Treat, Sunday was our friends Halloween party at which the kiddos got to go trick or treating.

But first, we must talk about the Ward Trunk or Treat.

This is our little 2 year old, who is dressed like a pirate:

He wasn't always dressed like a pirate ya know. It took us a week to continually pump the pirate idea into his little head, bribe him with candy with each piece of the costume we got on him (while he cried "Noooo!"), and then the promise that once we got to the church he would get MORE candy.

Here is our 2 year old once we arrived at the church, 3 hours late for the Trunk or Treat, and there was no candy.

As you can see how sad he looked, you could only imagine how bad we felt. Especially since that was the only reason we got him to wear his costume in the first place.

Apparently, we should have listened to the announcements. The Trunk or Treat started at 5pm, not 7pm. And being fashionably late at 7:45 puts you at about 3 hours late when everyone is vacuuming and cleaning up.

Fortunately, a kind-hearted Woody from Toy Story went and rounded up the last few remaining pieces of candy and gave them to Preston in his Easter basket (because he didn't have a Halloween pumpkin bucket).

So I guess one could say we were all dressed up with no place to go. Our Trunk or Treat lasted all of 10 minutes for us.

But the little pirate and his pirate mommy were happy afterall.

Oh, here's another cute recent photo.

And another....the little pirate DID enjoy wearing his pirate hat though.

So Sunday night we went over to the Nisbet's home for the real Halloween. Preston wore his costume (again, coaxed by candy).

And his little friend, the NASA astronaut, and he had a grand time "twick or tweeting" around the neighborhood.

Although, it must be noted that Preston really did feel this way at first...

Until he scored tons of candy in his basket...and then he was happy.

Now, he loves to carry his basket around the house and come up to me every 5 minutes with a piece of candy in hand and say "This one?? This one??".

I'm just glad that the little guy has no idea how to open a wrapper yet.

Now here is the best part - a video montage of the evening. If you were wondering what Will and Taylor were dressed up as, you'll have to watch the video.



Dan Thomas said...

One of the funest parts of Halloween is where the parents help them eat the candy.

Sandy said...

That was almost as fun as being there. Thanks!

NelsonFam said...

Oh wow! I know I say this all the time but our family experiences are SO similar right now.

Our ward trick or treat was a bust. It lasted a total of 10 minutes with about 10 cars... And it took us forever to get Jace in his costume. We felt so bad we took him about again on Saturday night to a mini-golf trick or treat course.

I LOVE the pirate costumes. Great job putting those together. (or borrowing if you had that option).