Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy 3 Months Taylor!

I've been trying all day to take a super cute photo of Taylor. He is officially 3 months old today (he was born Aug. 17th) and I wanted to take a stellar 3 month photo.

The problem is that a) he doesn't feel good today (he has a cold), b) he obviously can't sit up on his own and so all of his photos are either of him laying down or in a bouncy chair so one of us had to hold him in order to get a photo of him sitting up and he just did NOT look happy.

So here is he and I. He's got milk spit up coming out of his mouth, and I have no makeup on (we were getting ready to go for a walk).

Again, here he doesn't not look too happy. lol. But look how chunky he's getting! :)

Here is our precious Preston, all decked out in hat, coat, and pajamas. He's ready to go on our stroller ride/walk.

Anyway, Happy 3 months Taylor-man! You are such an easy baby and we love having you part of our family. It's hard to imagine life without you now.

Three months ago, my water broke at 2 a.m. and we went to the hospital. Contractions started but then piddled off after a few hours. I was put on Pitocin around noon and had the max dose allowed (for vbac's) by 4pm. Heavy contractions for 4 hours but no progress. By 9:57 p.m., you came out via C-section and with a good pair of lungs. So cute! And healthy too! You were 8 lbs exactly.

Now, at 3 months, you are 15 pounds.
You no longer can wear any of your newborn clothes, but you wear mostly 3 month sizes, with the occassional too-big 6 month outfit.
You have retained most of your hair so far, which Mommy is particularly glad about. No Grandpa head for you.
Speaking of hair, your hair is still a dark red/Auburn color.
You LOVE to smile at people and you will smile at ANYONE who gives you the tiniest bit of attention.
You laugh when mommy tickles your bare belly and arms.
You love to suck on your hands and fingers, and we have nicknamed you "El Stinkay Hands" because they stink. They really do. No matter how much we wash them.
You have an adorable high pitched squeel.
You are getting very strong.

I love you.

P.S. Preston I love you too. I'll write you a special happy 2 and 1/2 birthday post at Christmas time, June baby. :)


Dan Thomas said...

Jenni, the 17th is easy to remember it is Mom and my aniverary.

Sandy said...

Oh, we can't wait till Christmas so we can see the boys!! and you guys, too.