Sunday, November 14, 2010

Preston Funnies

My dad used to keep a journal when we were little kids, and he would write down all of the funny things that we would say. Later on, when we got older, he would read them to us and we all enjoyed it so much! We got a good laugh, and would respond with "I didn't say that, did I really, Dad?"

As Preston is getting better and better with his vocabulary, he's been saying some of the funniest things. Seems like most evenings Will and I are telling each other "Preston said the funniest thing today..." and relay the stories to each other.

So, since this blog is our family journal, and by the insistance of my Dad (Preston's Brampa), I'm going to try to start writing down some of the funny things that Preston has been doing or saying so that we can remember them from years to come. Let this be the first of many...

Preston Funnies - (age 2 years, 5 months)

Preston Funny - Saturday, Nov 13th

Mommy, Preston, and Taylor are getting bundled up to go outside on a walk with the double stroller. Mom puts a hat on Preston's head, as well as his jacket and then goes to put her shoes on.

Preston comes up to mommy and says: "Momma fix ear? Ear broken?"

Mommy looks at Preston, confused, and says "Huh?"

Preston: "Ear Broken?"

Momma then figures out that when she put his hat on, it bent both of his ears forward and he wanted her to fix his ears so that they were flat again. :)


Thursday, Nov 12th, 2010

Preston and Momma are walking up the stairs to the front door and mom is almost to the top, and turns around to make sure Preston is still coming. Preston is climbing the stairs very slowly and making a very exaggerated huffing and puffing sound with his breathing.

This is funny because Mommy had a hard time getting up the stairs when she was pregnant and would go very slowly and huff and puff. Preston apparently thinks this is how you climb stairs.


End of October 2010:

Mom, Taylor, and Preston were home by themselves one evening while Will was at a scout overnighter. Mom was sitting on the couch feeding Taylor and Preston kept walking by the window, stopping to look at it, and then coming back near mom. He did this several times.

Mom noticed Preston cautiously staring out the window for several minutes, then finally exclaiming "It's not a fish!", in a triumphant tone as if he had finally figured something out.

He was seeing the reflections of the ceiling lights in the window from the inside and must have thought with the dark sky outside and the lights it looked like a fishtank, and he finally figured out that it wasn't really a fish.

Mom said, "It's just a light." And now every time it gets dark, Preston looks a the window and says to us 'It's just a light! It's not scary."


Saturday night, Nov 13th 2010

Preston is helping Papa take out the garbages (something he does every weekend with Will, it is his special chore). Papa is carrying the big garbage cans, while Preston is carrying the small recycle can that holds paper/cardboard.

When they get down the stairs, Will takes Preston's recycle can and dumps it into the big blue recycle dumpster.

Preston gets very concerned and says, "McQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!!!!!"

(Lightning McQueen is Preston's favorite car to play with)

Will looks confused, because Preston thinks his McQueen is in the big blue dumpster. Will and Preston come back up stairs and look all over the house for a good 10 minutes for Lightning McQueen.

Papa goes up to Preston and asks, "Preston, where is your Lightning McQueen?"

Preston: "In da blue box."

Papa: "It's in the big blue garbage can?"

Preston: "Yeah!"

Papa and Preston go back downstairs and Papa proceeds to take everything out of the garbage can one by one.

Later, they come back upstairs and I ask Will, "So did you find Lightning McQueen?" and he says "Yep. He was in the big blue dumpster."

The moral of the story is toddlers don't lie. Toddlers are very smart. If they say something, you should just take their word for it to save yourself a little time.


Roemhildt Family said...

hahaha these are so funny.

Carolyn said...

I LOVE two year olds!

Dan Thomas said...

Kids do usually tell the truth and tend to know what they are talking about!