Sunday, November 7, 2010

Videos woohoo!

I need to post more videos on our blog, because I absolutely LOVE looking back at old blogs and finding cute videos. But they take so dang long to upload and I get impatient.

But today I had patience and uploaded a couple. So here you go - please enjoy. I know you won't enjoy these as much as I do, but at any rate... ;)

Cute adorable 10 week old Taylor smiling,
cooing, and just being adorable for the camera.

This next vidoe is seriously what it is like for me most of the time when I try to work on music while the kids are awake. If I'm lucky, I can get some serious work done in the evenings or on Thursday nights (my appointed "music night" when Will plays Super Dad). But usually it's like this....;)

I actually love it when Preston plays the piano and I always encourage it and tell him what a wonderful job he does. I want him to learn to love music and never hear "quit practicing" (though I do have to tell him to "play quietly" or "no playing right now" when Taylor is taking a nap).

This last one is THE cutest. This was taken last week when Taylor was 11 weeks old. He is starting to get the whole laughing thing down better. Nothing makes me more happy than to hear my two boys giggle and laugh...and baby laughs are the cutest!

I've been a bloggermaniac today, so scroll down to see 2 more new posts - a post by Taylor, and also pictures of the week!


Roemhildt Family said...

so cute. Taylor is growing so fast we need to come visit you again soon.

Dan Thomas said...

I reelly liked the videos! Yesterday Mom and I drove down to Prove for Sitani's fifth Birthday! Enjoy them being young because they grow up to fast!