Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preston Funny ~ Snow

Today is Tuesday.

Sunday night, I told Preston that "Tomorrow we get to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house! So you need to be a good sleeper tonight so when you wake up in the morning we can go to G&G's house, okay?"

Sunday night it started to snow, and by Monday morning Seattle was getting a few inches of snow.

When Preston woke up Monday morning, the first thing he said was, "Go to Bramma's house? Go to Bramma's house?" (he said this many, many times...I'm beginning to learn that Preston can now recall things that I tell him the night before, which didn't used to be the case...but he's growing up and retaining more memory!).

Due to the snowstorm, Will and I decided that it wouldn't be a good idea to chance driving in it up to Grandma's house. So I had to tell Preston that we couldn't go to G&G's house because of the snow.

Preston has been very excited about the snow and has already played in it a few times, and so he didn't quite understand why the fun snow would prevent us from going to G&G's house.
So I told him, "We can't go to Grandma's house because the snow is very slippery and it will make our car go CRASH!"

And then he understood.

Later that afternoon, Will needed to go to the post office and asked Preston if he wanted to go with him. Preston looked very confused and worried, and Will told him, "Oh! No, see we're just going to drive a little ways. Don't worry the car won't crash - we're just going a little ways.". The entire time Will was giving me this "look", as if he was concerned that I now planted this insane idea in our 2 year old's head that snow = crashed cars.

Later, after Will and Preston had been gone for quite some time, I decided I should probably call them just to make sure that they were okay.

Will answered the phone and I could tell that they were outside walking.

"Where are you?", I asked curiously.

"We had to park our car up by the Moreland's house because the hill was too slippery and we couldn't make it up, so we're walking home." Will replied.

I watched out the window for them and a few minutes later they came walking down the driveway. Preston was up on Will's shoulders with his mitten covered hands covering Will's ears to keep them warm (Will asked Preston to put his hands over Will's ears).

When they got to the top of the stairs, this is what I found as they walked through the door...

I was trying to take a photo of Preston on Will's shoulders, but instead got a crying Preston because he got snow on his head.

After he settled down, I asked Preston, "What happened? Did you go to the post office with Papa?"

He just looked at me and didn't reply.

So I said, "Did you get to walk in the snow?"

And he said "And then da car go crash!"

I laughed and looked up at Will and he was starting to laugh as well, considering that just a couple of hours ago he was trying to convince Preston that driving in the snow did NOT mean that your car was going to crash.

"So you crashed our car eh?" I asked Will.

"No, I just parked it".

And then Preston kept saying that Papa crashed the car. Haha it was pretty funny.


Carolyn said...

That's pretty cute. When he gets old enough to drive....take him to the church parking lot and teach him how to drive in the snow...that's what my dad did, and I sure appreciate it. And it was pretty fun doing spins on purpose!

Sorry that you couldn't come up yesterday....but I'm glad that you didn't try to drive in this slippery mess. Our truck went up our hill just fine though...but I'm beginning to wonder if any of my students will show up today.

Preston needs to make a snowman, so he can understand that snow can be fun too!

James and Elizabeth said...

I love the last couple of Pictures. It looks so clam.

Dan Thomas said...

At least the snow at your place is not blowing sideways at 60 MPH!