Friday, November 12, 2010

Pictures of the Week

What do you get when you have no time to blog?
You post pictures! Here are some from this week....

Yes, technically, he's too little to be in an exersaucer, but this is what happens when Dad is in charge of the kids while mom is away. He goes about putting the baby in various mobile objects to see if he's ready. Why do dads always try to push development? Haha.

Oops...head tipping over....

This is a face that is constantly smothered in Mommy's kisses.

And there's that gorgeous smile!

Preston has been going through a phase lately where he requests us to take pictures of all of his toys.

We used to be able to get away with just pretending to push the button on the camera, but he's gotten too smart for us. Now we have to take the photo because he requests to see it afterwards.
Smart boy.

Big green eyes...that used to be blue.

Ah ha! The culprit! Papa!

Oh well, at least he put a blanket in front of Taylor's face so if his head falls forward he won't bonk his face on something hard.

P.S. Taylor actually likes the exersaucer and will stand to be in it anywhere from 5 - 15 minutes at a time. Yesterday he was actually reaching for some of the bright colored objects, which he's never done before. His developmental email from Baby Center said that he should start to try to grab objects now. Looks like he's right on schedule.


Sandy said...

What great pictures. It's so fun to see the boys growing up. I'd say Dad does a pretty good job caring for his boys and Mom is so patient to take pictures of the toys. Good job to all of you!

Dan Thomas said...

If you don't like what Dad does when you put him in charge then don't put him in charge! I liked Pretson green eyes and his Michigan T-Shirt!

Roemhildt Family said...

Cute Kids. Preston is so smart. I love that little boy.