Sunday, November 21, 2010

What We've Been Up To ~ A Picture Blog

Here's what the Thomas Family has been up to lately...


Within a week of being put in Command Central Station, he has already been holding his head/neck up stronger, and starting to kick off from his legs, AND been grabbing for the objects/toys on it.


...has obviously been busy being a boy.

...and making messes of course.

...and learning to go poo-poo on the toilet seat. Tonight in his prayers, he said "Bless car, bless sippy cup, and bless my poopies". LOL that kid cracks us up...

Seattle got a few snowflakes...


...He's been busy being the best Dad in the world to these two boys.


I made a nice dinner for my parents and our family. It was our "Thanksgiving" dinner, since we won't be joining them in Oregon.

and I was bored and took a bajillion self portraits with our camera. How fun is that.

The End.


Dan Thomas said...

It is just not fair. You get a couple of snow flakes and we get lots of snow and 60 mile an hour winds! It looks like you had a good dinner for Thanksgiving! I am glad your folks are so near. That they can come and work on spoiling Preston and Taylor. Tessha is going to Baltimore for Thankgiving. Luke was able to get her a buddy pass out of Salt Lake and she is excited. Luke, Jenn, and Family are also going to be there! They should all have fun!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for our pre Thanksgiving dinner! It was wonderful, and we had a great time spending the afternoon/evening with you. And yes, Preston cracks us up too....especially when his brain goes faster than his mouth and nothing comes out right!

Roemhildt Family said...

I love all the pictures. I'm glad you had a pre-thanksgiving dinner with your parents.

I've wanted to come visit you guys but haven't had the chance yet. Hopefully soon. Until then keep posting lots of pictures.