Saturday, June 12, 2004

Rose Festival: The Starlight Run

Will gave me a good excuse to stop unpacking my boxes at my newly settled apartment (with a girl from the ward) and come watch him run in the Starlight Run. This is a 5k race that is part of the Portland Rose Festival. It's a crazy loony race where everyone dresses up in costumes.

Will and his roommate, Nate, decided to dress up as Mugatu (from "Zoolander"), and Will was "Hansel" from Zoolander, except he took the meaning more literally. He actually wore leiderhosen and wore clogs. We're talking true clogging shoes with taps on the bottom. Everyone in the entire parade could hear him coming from several blocks away as the sound of his clogs hit the pavement.

His feet were pretty sore for a few days - as running 3 miles in clogging shoes is not exactly the most comfy thing to do.

Below: Will and Nate in character. Mugato is a gay character from Zoolander,
just to clarify why Will is posing like this. :p

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