Monday, June 21, 2004

Hawaii - Day 1: Travelling

Will and I left Portland International Airport early, made it to San Francisco, and then flew to Honalulu from there. It was a long flight, but a lot of fun. My parents had just given me a digital camera for my birthday (which was going to happen while in Hawaii) and so much of our flight time was spent trying to figure out how to work the thing.

Above: Jenni waiting to board at PDX

Above: Will waiting too

Above: Testing out the digital camera while in flight to Honalulu. We look kind of tired don't we?

We arrived at the Honolulu airport late that night and waited around for Daniel and Dalynn to arrive as well so we could go and pick up our rental cars together. I was getting a little impatient because by the time we finally got our rental car (and after they messed up our reservation), we had been at the Honolulu airport for about 3 hours and it was midnight. We were sooooo tired!

Just a note: The first thing we noticed was the change in temperature as we got off the plane. It was very hot and humid!

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