Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hawaii - Evening 4: Wedding Dinner

Kristi and Haini had their "Rehearsal Dinner" this evening. It was hosted by Haini's family at their big beautiful home. It was a very interesting dinner because Haini is Tongan. Kristi's father and Haini's father went through a ritual where one was given a whale tooth (which is a big deal).

All of the food was also Polynesian. I can't say that Will and I enjoyed the food very much - it was a lot of tree roots and seafood. And..a lot of other foods that we couldn't recognize.

Above: Will's Mom talking to Haini's Father

Above: Just a few of Will's siblings: Seth, Tessha, and Elizabeth

Above: A mixture of cultures at the dinner

Above: A huge part of Polynesian culture is their overwhelming love to play music and dance. Those people seriously know how to party! This is Will and I dancing above and below.

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