Friday, June 18, 2004

Meeting the Family - Preparing for Hawaii

Will's sister, Kristi, got married in Hawaii June 25, 2004. The entire family went over for the event, and I was invited as Will's special guest. I was really excited!

As everyone was gathering in town getting ready to depart Portland for Hawaii, these are a few snapshots of us hanging out at Daniel and Dalynn's apartment a few days beforehand.

These photos have bittersweet meaning because this was also the same night that Jenn (Luke's wife) went into Labor and Delivery and found out that Hailey had died sometime earlier that day - only days before her actual duedate. So while the family was all in town getting ready for a wedding, everyone also ended up being there for a little funeral. :(

While it was an extremely difficult time for the family, I also have good memories that are of a spiritual nature. I got to see Will and his brother Luke spend a lot of time together comforting each other and it really touched my heart. Will and I also had many spiritual talks as we walked around the temple grounds. And the memorial services were so uplifting and hopeful as well.

It was a very unusual but wonderful introduction to his family.

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