Thursday, June 24, 2004

Hawaii - Day 4: Waikiki Beach

We did the "tourist" thing this day and walked around Waikiki Beach, and downtown Honolulu with Daniel and Dalynn. It was a really busy beach, but they had some pretty nice flea markets where I picked up some inexpensive Hawaiin skirts and necklaces.

Above: Jenni, Will, Dalynn, and Daniel in front of a ship anchored in downtown Honolulu
Below: We just couldn't get over how beautiful the color of the water was - hence the next two pictures. Oh, and there were also some pretty cool tropical fish down there but they didn't show up in the photos.

Above: Will and I on Waikiki Beach

Above: Flirting with the locals

Above: Homemade Plumeria Lai's made by Kristi. I LOVED the smell of them!

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