Sunday, June 27, 2004

Hawaii - Day 7: Church and Snorkeling

Being that is was Sunday, we got dressed in our Sunday best and headed to church. It was really fun - it was the first time we'd attended church where it was perfectly acceptable to wear flip-flops and a flower in your hair. :)

After church was over, Will and I walked over to the temple again (which was right next door) and had a friend take some pictures of us. We were, of course, very excited to be engaged even though we hadn't told anyone yet. You can just see it in our faces how in love we are. I love these pictures so much.

After our little "photo shoot", we went back to the beach house and got ready to go snorkling!

Below: Will, Jenni, Daniel, Dalynn, and Tessha - all ready for the water

Below: Jenni was a little obsessed with the sea turtles. She wanted one. And fortunately enough for her, the turtles allowed her to pet them (even though there was a sign that said "Do not pet the turtles -they bite").

Below: Will, self portrait. Hello sunburn! Jenni in background

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