Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Hawaii - Day 9 Last Day

Well, the day had come when we had to say goodbye to Hawaii. So we tried to make it a memorable one. Most of Will's family had already gone home, so we were mostly off by ourselves having fun.

Above and Below: Will and I on the patio of the beach house with Hookilau Beach in the background

After we got all packed up, we spent the last few hours in Honolulu. We went out on a ride on a catamaran boat. That was SO much fun! The water was so beautiful, and the waves were big enough that we got splashed and got pretty wet.

After our catamaran boat ride, we got dried off and changed and went on an evening dinner cruise. Will wasn't feeling that great though, and so he actually slept through most of the dinner cruise. We never took any pictures because Mr. Grouchy was not being very picturesque. :) Haha.

Above: Will and I at Diamondhead Lighthouse before our dinner cruise

Above: Will is sad that the sign says "No Nude Sunbathing" Haha. Love that face.

After our sunset cruise, we headed to the Honolulu airport and departed on a red-eye flight back to Portland. We had such a wonderful time in Hawaii and want to come back someday after we are married. I don't think I've visited such a beautiful location in my life.

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