Monday, August 18, 2008

Date Night!...Finally

Well, after 2 months of adjusting to parenthood Will and I finally had our first official "date night" on Saturday night. It was totally last minute, but very much needed. Thanks to our neighbor who's 18 year old daughter, Jessica, was home Saturday night (and who is super good with Preston), we were able to get a last minute sitter.

We went and saw the new Batman movie. It was really nice to just get away and be the two of us for a while. Although I admit yes I was thinking about Preston and wondering if he was crying, sleeping, taking that bottle I left for him, etc.

The movie was quite long too so we were gone for about 4 hours. And then it occured to us on the way home that we have to pay for babysitting services. Haha. We had no clue how much to pay her. When we were teenagers we thought $10 was like super good money for babysitting...but we realized it is not that cheap anymore.

So we gave her $20...although afterwards we both agreed it wasn't enough. Maybe if she were younger, but considering she was 18 we probably should have given her more. Sorry Jessica! Next time we'll be better.

We returned home to find Jessica holding Preston all bundled in a blanket and contently sucking his pacifier (which he NEVER takes). I took him and gave him a squeeze and a kiss. I love that little guy! Its so weird to imagine him not in our lives now.

Here are some pictures that Will took of me after we got home from our date. Do I look like I missed my baby?


Will and Heidi said...

Glad you were able to go on a date night! Sounds like fun. I guess I take that for granted sometimes since I don't have any kids yet. BTW, I got your CD in the mail last week. It's awesome! You are very talented.

Heather Smith said...

I bet that that was fun with just the two of you. :) I'm glad that Jessica is a good baby-sitter and that you feel comfertable leaving Preston with her.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got to go out! We loved that movie too-very intense. You look so cute, by the way! Thanks for your comments on my blog-you always know how to make me smile. Love ya-N

The High Family said...

Jenni- as crazy as this sounds...I heard the new babysitter fees are like $10 an hour! So you guys should have paid $40! I agree back in day, I would have been blown over if I got $20 for a few hours of babysitting! That's was like 2 weeks worth of gas money back then. LOL

Glad you finally got that date and love the pics of you and Preston...too cute!

Saving Grace said...

Sounds like you had a good time. Well I babysit from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, two kids and get about $35 a day. But the kids are older so it's not hard labor trying to take care of an infant. I would've been happy with $20 for 4 hours. Good Job guys.

Emmy Southworth said...

Oh, I'm so cheap! I pay $5/hour, with 3 crazy kids running around, but I do tip if the house is cleaned up and the kids are happy when we get home.

Date nights are priceless, glad to see you getting out.