Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Scooter

Here is the other video I was trying to post on the last blog but Blogger was having issues. I wasted forever waiting for it to upload and then I got an error. So I'm youtubing it this time.

This is a new skill that Preston has recently acquired, and we're not so sure we like it.

He scoots.

Scoots himself almost right off his changing table, scoots himself around my lap while I'm feeding him, and almost scoots himself right out of his swing and bouncy chair. We have to strap this kid down! He might not be able to roll over or crawl - but he can scoot!

The 2nd half of the video is Preston "talking". Too cute!

p.s. I just uploaded to youtube at 5:45pm so it might not show up til later.


Dan Thomas said...

Preston don't scoot yourself off the table onto the floor.

Sandy said...

Being a Speech Path ~ I'm impressed. Being a granma~ I LOVE IT. Keep it up little man!

The High Family said...

Love the video! too cute!!

I learned my lesson from Ryan and bought the 3 sided changing pad for Kara! I also always put a cover over it so it isn't as slippery.

I love his "talking"- Kara does the same thing on her changing table...just talks and talks..with tons of smiles. I could stand there all day (if I didn't have Ryan tugging on my pants telling me to hurry up!) and just talk to her.

Just think this is great only gets better! I can't wait to see future clips of your precious Preston!

Jenni said...

Yeah...we have a cover for the changing table and it helps a lot!! But wouldn't ya know it - he pooped on it so it was in the laundry at the time of that video LOL hahaha.