Thursday, August 21, 2008

Us Lately

Well, it would seem it is getting harder these days to find the time to post individual blogs about the various things we've been up to, so I've been resorting to "Week in Review" blogs that ecompass anything and everything. Although somehow I do manage to find time to write almost daily on my personal blog (aka my girly journal, I guess), so what I should say is that it is getting harder to find the time to keep up on both blogs all of the time.

So, this is not just a week in review, but more like 2 or 3 weeks in review.

So this is us lately...


Will has been busy doing what he does best - working hard at his job, taking care of Preston and I, and duh - adventure racing, trail running, and backpacking. I think he has been meaning to blog about his recent adventures, but his evenings lately seem to involve releiving me of Preston instead of having his own time to actually write the blogs. So I am helping him out with the blogging part. :) And babe, thank you for helping out too when you get home from work.

Last weekend Will went backpacking with his friend Aaron up to the Rampart Lakes in the Cascades. This was in the same area as he went last year.

While I was semi-jealous I didn't get to go along with them (I had girls night with Aaron's wife, Erika instead since she is 8 months pregnant and frankly I'm not in shape to go backpacking yet either), I wasn't jealous of how they had to hike up in the extreme heat.

Here is a shot Will took of the temperature gage on his watch to show how hot it was. They were hoping for cooler weather up in the mountains, but found no relief.

Poor guys.

Just a few more shots of them hiking up

And, obiously somebody was having fun with their headlamp and the shutter speed on the camera. Awe shucks honey, thanks for thinking of us while away on your little boys adventure.

No that is not the sun. That is actually a full moon. Will was sad that they didn't get to see many stars, but he got some really cool pictures of the moon.

And then just some more beautiful shots of the scenery up there where they hiked.

Will also did another "Adventure Race". For those not familiar with adventure racing, it involves a combination of a few different sports and you are timed. Will could tell you about it better than me, but he had to mountain bike, run, do a little orienteering, and um...I think that is it. Sometimes these types of races will involve a water sport as well, but this one didn't.

He was the 2nd team (although his team consisted of just him) across the finish line, but ended up getting 12th our of 35 teams because he choose not to attempt the pro course. He said the sad thing was, he got lost and ended up on the pro course for over 15 minutes but did not realize it. He still has to work out those navigation kinks. He also came up with a team name that is fitting for him: "Lost One" (he said, and I quote "It has multiple meanings, I get lost a lot, I'm a team of one, could also be replaced with Last One as that is where I usually finish).

Here were his race results:

Will came home that night with a sprained ankle. He rolled it because he started the race and forgot to tighten his shoes. I think he also injured the same ankle again about a week after that. Ouch.

You can see Will's youtube videos of his adventure races by going here.

Will also went backpacking with some of the guys from our ward. They went up to Rachel Lake. It was about 12 miles. He says they got fogged in. Here are a few pictures from that trip with Videos again on Youtube.

Some other adventures Will has not had time to blog about:

- At the end of June he ran a 30K race at Bridle Trails State Park 30k. He hadn't run a race since May and said he wasn't quite ready for this race. He had an IT Band issue on his right knee after 10k, hurt the next 10k, then had to walk/hobble the last 10k. Preston and I went to see him for the last portion of that race. He said it was his worst performance he's had, but it felt good to run. Here are his race results:

- He hiked McClellum Butte after work and climbed 3,500 vertical feet with two guys from ward, Mike R. and Greg G. Weather was perfect. Great 360 view of the surrounding mountains and Mt. Rainier.

View Larger Map

- Next adventure???? He's wanting to fastpack (hike, jog) a section of the PCT Pacific Crest Trail from Steven’s pass to Snoqualmie pass. 75 miles long, 13,000 feet of elevation ascent and 13,000 feet of descent. Over 10 ridges/passes and goes by 20 alpine lakes and their are no roads intersecting the trail along the 75 miles. He's crazy. And did I mention he wants to do it all in one shot, no sleeping. He says it will take 36-48 hours. That's if he doesn't get lost or eaten by mosquitos. He's hoping for sometime in September when ankle is better, and before the snow returns. Right now he's just waiting for my approval. Am I crazy to let him do this?


I've been busy trying to get back into music and juggle motherhood. I am really enjoying being a mom, but am still trying to figure out how to become balanced in everything. I find that by the time Will comes home from work I'm so ready for a break I just hand Preston off to him so I can have my arms free again, that I sometimes forget that Will needs attention too.

We had our first date last weekend together without Preston and that was really nice. Hopefully as he continues to get older, and can entertain himself more and more, Will and I will be able to spend some better quality time with each other again. I think this is normal though - as I've talked with a lot of my girlfriends. It seems like everyone goes through a phase of trying to still have time for each other but your both so busy adjusting to taking care of a baby too.

I already mentioned that my mom and I are getting started on a collaborated album together. I've already almost finished the Brahms Lullaby, and next will be working on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. We each plan to write 5 songs for the album - so a total of 10 songs.

I also just finished recording some instrumental versions of some primary songs for a filmmaker that is putting together a LDS version of Baby Einstein. It was pretty easy - took me about 3 days to do.

I've been working out every day. I have only missed 2 days in the last 5 weeks. I have a long ways to go to get my pre-pregnancy body back, and sometimes its really hard to look at myself in the mirror but I have a beautiful reason why I look this way. :) The girls at church do aerobics every Mon/Wed/Fri and so I also just started going to that as of last week. It is a lot of fun. I'm also up to 3.8 miles now (walking). Will and I are going to do a 5k race before the end of the year and so I'm ready now. :)

I also just started teaching piano again as of last week. I just have one student for the rest of August, and then in September I will have all 6 again.


What a joy he has been! He has started smiling lately, coo'ing (talking to us), and I think I even heard a giggle out of him yesterday. He can bat his arms and hands at bright colored toys and can follow us with his eyes from longer distances now. He just had his 2 month checkup this morning and here are some pictures from that...

At home before leaving to head to the doctor's office

At the doctor's office just before getting some shots

Right after the shots

Me right after the shots

Will came to the appointment for moral support. I held Preston last month when he got a shot and it was so hard. And today he was so happy - just smiling and looking at us. It is an awful feeling - to see them looking up at you and trusting you and then WHAM they get a shot in their leg. Preston's face got so red and he let out this heartbreaking cry that said "Mommy! You betrayed me!".

Well, that's what it sounded like to me. lol.

We have a big boy though! At 10 weeks old he weighs in at 14 pounds, and is 23 and 1/4 inches long. He is in the 90% percentile for his weight, and the 75th percentile for his height. And it looks like those baby blues are here to stay. I'm glad because they are my favorite.

Here are some other recent pictures and then a couple of cute videos at the bottom.

Will didn't know I was standing behind him taking this was too cute.


Dan Thomas said...

Shots are just a part of life. Preston had better get used to them.

The High Family said...

Jenni- it is absolutely crazy how similiar our lives are! Are you my long lost twin? LOL..j/k

My hubby does everything yours does (well did...he is finally after a few years off, getting back into training for mountain bike races). He also ran cross country in school.

I am into the arts. Can't play the piano (hope all my children do someday though!) but I did play the violin (and saxophone) in school...and of course you know about the theatre/singing.

and finally...we both have blue eyed boys...who happen to be our first born!

If you end up having a girl in the next few years, I will laugh!

Love your updates...keep 'em coming! :)