Thursday, May 8, 2008

Exactly One Month

Today marks the official one-month countdown until my duedate. Today is May 8th, and I am due June 8th.

Just a little update on us:


I am really looking forward to having the baby. I haven't had any signs of early labor yet though. I go in on Monday to get checked to see if anything has started down there yet. But like I've been saying, Preston has just been as snug as a bug in a rug- which is fine since he still needs to cook in the oven a little longer. But any signs of something happening would be welcomed so that I might have hope he will come a little bit early.

The worst thing I've had is feeling like all of my internal organs are getting pressed against and sometimes that makes me double over in pain. And walking is harder too. I think I've definitely gotten to that "uncomfortable" stage. But I'll be 36 weeks this Saturday. As soon as he hits 37 weeks, he will be considered "Full term" and can come on out and meet his parents any time after that.

Both Will and I think that Memorial Day weekend would be perfect to have the baby. He has an extra day off of work, and it is 1 week early from my duedate. So that would be in another 2 and 1/2 weeks almost.


Will is running an ultramarathon on May 17th though (so he says I can't have the baby then. But if I do, he'll have his cellphone on and come right home. Haha). It's not technically called an ultra-marathon (which is usually between 50K and 70K), but it is called a "12 hour race". Basically he is going to run for 12 hours. His goal is 40 miles. He has actually been training really good this time though -usually he just wakes up and decides to run these things. So I'm glad he has been training - about 5 days a week.

He also went to a sports clinic and got his first physical since his mission. He is one healthy boy! So that is good. I kept seeing all these fatalities in marathons last year where guys as young as 27 and 28 years old were killing over in the middle of a race. So I asked Will to promise me that before he runs another long race that he would go get a full physical done.

Will is also now working with the 11 year old cubscouts at church. So he goes to Mutual every Wednesday nights now.

Work has been keeping Will pretty busy too. Even though Seattle still has one of the best housing markets in the country, it has been doing worse than last year for our area. And so his company had to lay off several from his department last year. Basically, he was one of the only estimators left and has been swamped. He does about 3 to 4 times the workload now. Last night he was at his office until 3:30am finishing a project that was due at 9am. He is a very hard worker, and a very valuable asset to his company.

We sold one of our cars earlier this week, so that is good. We had 3 cars, now we have 2. :) Haha. (we had 2 identical green Kia Sophia's and 1 VW Jetta. We sold one the older Kia).

So anyway I think that is about all for us. We haven't really had the chance to do as many fun activities lately just because I'm basically too uncomfortable to do anything. So we're really looking forward to this summer when I'm not pregnant anymore and we'll have fun with our little baby. We want to take him all over the northwest and show him the things that his mommy and daddy love to do. :)

The weather here in Seattle has been great lately - nice and warm. I am looking forward to going on walks with the stroller this summer. Seeing the sunshine and the flowers in bloom reminds me that the time is getting close for our baby to come! Yay!!


Mama Dew said...

So you got to keep the VW, huh? Yeah! Thanks for all the updates. You two are just so active. Its great.

Jenni Thomas said...

Haha well, we are trying to sell the VW too, but we just barely got the title too it - so we will be listing it here soon. The plan is to sell both the older Kia and the VW and then use some of that money for a downpayment on a new car. That would leave us with our other "newer" Kia (which has 150K miles on it) and a new car. Well we won't buy a brand new car, but a newer used one. It was getting scary having 2 cars both over 150K and then knowing we were selling our only "newer" car too. So yeah, get rid of two and get one better one in return.

NelsonFam said...

Oh happy day - I can't believe you are finally down to your last month.

Roemhildt Family Fun said...

Hip hip Hurray. I love the update. The nursery is looking good, you are looking good, Will is looking good. It's all wonderful. I'm so excited that you will be having a new baby soon. We can't wait to see you guys this summer.