Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Countdown

Happy May 1st everyone! Do you know what this means?????

It means we can finally say our due date is NEXT month. And if he comes a week or two early - he will be born at the end of this month.

We're ecstatic. Just had to share.


ld@davfam said...

That is great news, horray for May!!!

Emily said...

Isn't it amazing to be able to say "My baby could be born THIS month!" And if he decides to stay put until June, then you can say "My baby WILL be born this month!" Either way, it's getting so close, congratulations!

Jenny said...

I hope he's born June 4th, that's my birthday. :)

Dan Thomas said...

Dear Jenn,

I would not get my hopes up on having the baby early. I know you are ready but babies have a way of having their own time table. It has been my experience that if you plan on a late delivery you are not disappointed when it is your due date and the baby has not come yet. (Trust me I have seen many deliveries.)

Dad Thomas

Jenni Thomas said...

That's true! I would sure hate to be disappointed and be late! However my mom had all of us early so I'm kind of hoping I got some of her birthing genetics! :)

Emily said...

Hey, I always got my hopes up, and I am 1 and 1, one made me wait until my due date, but the other came 2 weeks early! And you are so nice to want to share your birthday. I was due 10/14 with Max, and my birthday is 9/28, Paul thought it would be fun for us to share a birthday, but I thought that would have been crappy, I like having my birthday all about ME! It's only one day a year after all, and the other 364 days I am content being in the shadows.