Sunday, May 25, 2008

Weekend Update

Just a quickie on us:

First of all, this has got to be the most boring Memorial Day Weekend we can remember. Years past involved either camping, Vegas, kayaking, moving, or at least something. Not this year.

What we were able to accomplish this weekend:

- Installing the carseat into the car. Whoo.

- Figuring out how to use our stroller. Well, Will figured it out. I watched.

- Will figuring out how to use a Baby Bjorn.

- Will found a HUGE bullfrog in our driveway and I waddled my way up the driveway to take a look hoping that all the walking would induce me. I think we might even have a picture of the amphibian...hold on. Ah yes, here's one. That's Will's hat next to it to show you how big he was. (Just fyi we've never seen a frog this big in Washington state before).

- I tried like a bajillion self-inducement techniques to inspire the little one to come early, but to absolutely NO AVAIL. Ugh.

- The weather was super nice (Sunny, 75, and no clouds) here even though the forecast called for thundershowers.

- We both went out on probably our "last" babyless datenight together for a while, which consisted of driving around Issaquah trying to decide what we wanted to eat - only to realize that I wanted General Tso's Chicken from Safeway. We went to two different Safeways and cleaned them out. It was an adventure. (Spicy food is supposed to induce labor, which it did not). We ate so much spicy Gen. Tso's Chicken that both of us felt sick the next day. Blah. All that it did for labor, besides nothing, was make the baby go CRAZY and kick me for 2 hours. "Ugh what kind of flavor is this amniotic fluid mom????? Gross!"

- The eviction date that I gave Preston came and went. It was 11am Saturday the 24th. He's still snug as a bug in a...

- Will played church basketball Saturday morning AND is going to Monday morning. Go church ball.

- We tried to go on a picnic on Saturday but apparently everyone else had the same idea. We went to 3 different lakes and 4 different parks but they were all jampacked. We probably wasted about $50 in gas.

- Speaking of Gas, prices are now $4.10 per gallon here in Seattle.

Other than that, we are just fat and happy waiting...and waiting, and I mean WAITING for this baby to come. We have officialy 13 days left until the duedate. But duedate schmoodate. I feel like my pelvis is ripping in half and even walking hurts, Will's been overused on the back massages and dish duty. But so far, not even a single contraction has happened. Last doctor appointment (Mon the 19th) I was 70% effaced but not dialated at all. We'll see if any progress has happened at my next appointment on Wed the 28th.

Hopefully next update will be a baby update - OUTSIDE the womb. This momma is through being prego.


Kate said...

I feel your pain! Hopefully soon!

Sandy said...

Hang in there Jenni. They really do come out (in their own good time). Just remember, "And it came to pass.."

Mama Dew said...

It actually sounds like you guys had a lot of fun... :)