Saturday, May 31, 2008

Another Update

Hey everyone - just a quick update on a couple of things.

First off - Apparently, since no baby update had been posted in a few days, and we seem to be email & phone slackers with our families lately - everyone thought we had the baby. My mom called and emailed three times today, my brothers call, our hometeachers and the relief society president called...all asking if we had the baby yet.

Well, sorry we forgot to notify you all, but we actually had the baby on Monday and just forgot to tell you all.

JUST KIDDING!! Guys. Seriously. We will tell you when the baby has arrived. We PROMISE.

Second, I just wanted to let you all know that in the music competition I won first place for my Genre (Instrumental) for my song "Fly Away" out of 650 songs, which means I won $100. Wooh! "A Beautiful Storm" came in at 2nd place in the Solo Instrumental Genre, so it didn't win but still, it did pretty well.

(for winning #1 in Instrumental)

(for being in top 10 for Solo Instrumental -#2)

#3 Overall - May Finals Fly Away

Today, "Fly Away" competed in the Finals (click on that link to see list of top 10 winners and listen to their songs) - which meant it went up against ALL the other #1 winners from all genres including hip hop, punk, alternative rock, etc. For the entire month of May, had 29,161 songs entered in the competition. I ended up winning #3 OVERALL. So, that was really cool for me. I didn't end up winning the Grand Prize though ($5,000), I would have had to come in at #1 overall. Just 2 slots away dangitt! But #3 is still pretty good and I'm proud of that.

I will be trying again next month to win - if I am lucky enough to make it into the Finals again, Will and I are thinking about throwing a pizza party-24 hour judging marathon at our place to support me. Anyone with a laptop can come over and use our wi-fi connection and just vote, vote, vote. It really did make a difference today having those of you support me with your votes.

The neat thing, as we watched the stats all day long, is "Fly Away" consistently stayed up there within the top 5 songs for almost the entire day. I was the only song that was consistent. The other 4 fluctuated and went from top slots down to the bottom - which says that more people were voting for my song as a whole rather than other artists just trying to bump themselves up (which accounts for the fluctuations).

Anyway, sorry to go on about that. I am planning to release a new album in August of 2009, and this $5,000 would pay for some of the new equipment and studio costs I am needing. So your support of my music endeavors right now is VERY much appreciated. I'm so grateful to have such great friends who would spend hours on a Saturday afternoon voting for my music on a website.

Thank you ALL!

Now, I just need to get labor started. Hopefully we will have good news in that department by the end of this week. His duedate is Sunday the 8th.


Andy and Brandie said...

Congradulations Jenni, That is wonderful. I am sure you are very happy about making the top 10. What a great accomplishment.

Emily said...

Congrats on the music. It is so much fun knowing talented people like you! When you are rich and famous make sure you remember your un-talented, un-rich peeps here in Utah! Next month the $5k for sure, wouldn't that just be awesome!

Sandy said...

You are amazing and we are so proud of you. Just think what you've accomplished!! with a baby boy in the near future. Whool!