Thursday, May 29, 2008


Thanks to everyone who took the time to support my music and vote for me yesterday - I made it into the "Top 10" as the #1 artist for both Instrumental and Solo Instrumental genres.

If you wouldn't mind, please keep voting for me!

I am now competing against the Top 10 artists in those categories and need to hit the #1 spots again in order to make it to the Finals. This next stage of voting will be over as of 12:01am May 31st. And then the "Finals" start immediately. So keep voting for me in this round until Friday night, and then the FINALS round (if I make it) until Saturday night!

The "Finals" are where the #1 song from each genre compete against each other for the grand prize of $5,000. If I do make it, it will be tough competing against such popular genres as techno and pop. but my oh my.....with $5,000 I could get a really great start on my next album. With all of your help and voting, I just might be able to do this.

Sorry for soliciting so much for your support - but every vote counts. It means a lot to me and I really appreciate the time you take to help. Thank you everyone!

P.S. A little tip - my song only randomly comes up every so "battles" against the other artists so you have to go through a few voting rounds with other songs before mine will pop up. They require you to listen to at least 15 sec of each song, but once you have already listened to a song, you don't have to listen to it again the next time it comes up (saves you time. Oh, and my song should pop up MULTIPLE times. The more times you can vote for my song, the higher it gets bumped up in the genre. :)


Kate said...

I'll keep voting! I hope you win!

Sandy said...

Me too! Thanks for keeping us informed. Love you, Sandy